I informed the doctor that I had always wanted to get my teeth fixed when I arrived at the Novomed center in Dubai. A childhood accident caused my teeth to be crooked, which persisted into adulthood. When I was a kid, my parents did not have the money for braces, so I had to avoid showing my teeth as much as possible. Before going to Novomed, I was really self-conscious about my teeth and would never smile in pictures. I did not want braces because I felt that I was too old for them, so I was interested in the Invisalign treatment. I was hesitant about the treatment at first, thinking that the condition of my teeth was so bad that it was beyond repair. However, the doctor and his staff were kind and informative, making sure I understood why and how Invisalign would work. They also showed me pictures of many patients who had the Invisalign treatment and got life-changing results.

I was impressed by how the Invisalign aligners can gently move your teeth into alignment and how you can wear them without anyone noticing. I wanted a straight, healthy smile that I could easily maintain on my own with little effort. It not only quickly and easily moves teeth into the ideal position, but it can also address various orthodontic problems in a single comprehensive treatment plan. This ground-breaking method can help resolve all your dental issues without using intrusive procedures like braces or surgery.

After over two years of using Invisalign, I was no longer ashamed to smile! I had a good experience with the treatment because it is simple! Nearly no effort is required. The whole process made me feel a lot better and much more confident. I will definitely recommend the Invisalign treatment to anyone who may need it because they would also enjoy the path to their new, stunning smile. Choosing Invisalign treatment was the best decision I could have ever made, and I am glad I achieved my goal. Thanks to Novomed’s Invisalign in Dubai, I finally feel like the best version of myself.


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