How to watch MLB broadcasts in real time

Like mlb broadcasts, broadcasts of popular sports events around the world are so hot that fans’ interest and enthusiasm are so high that tickets are sold out as soon as the schedule is released. In the case of a big match, tickets are often sold out within an hour or two. Since these matches are not played in domestic leagues, there are many cases in which fans cannot properly watch the matches because they are not broadcast in real time despite the large number of fans in Korea. Tickets themselves are difficult to obtain, and there is no opportunity to watch the game if it is not officially broadcast by broadcasting companies. Some say that tickets are sold as tickets at a premium or on the second-hand market, but there is no guarantee that they will always come out. In particular, the mlb broadcasting platform itself is very limited in Korea, and even it has become a paid service, so it is not able to properly digest the demand for watching games. In this way, the market itself cannot meet the demand of consumers, so in the end, like a ticket, the items for sale that must be eradicated are constantly appearing on the market and gaining momentum.

Let’s watch MLB broadcast for free!

So Hktv25 is providing a relay service to meet the demand for many people who cannot watch the games they want in this pay-per-view market. Now, many Korean players have entered the major leagues, so even though it is a foreign baseball league, more people want to watch the game in real time. Occasionally, games in which domestic players participate are 스포츠중계 free of charge by broadcasting companies through online or cable broadcasting, but it is difficult to watch other games for free. Usually, such a relay platform is a system where you have to pay for tickets on a monthly basis. In fact, it is true that I cannot guarantee whether there will be any games I want in the month I pay for, and if so, how many games there will be. I want to see the match in highlights, but the policy has changed so that the video is uploaded in batches only in the afternoon of the next day, rather than the highlight video being edited and uploaded as soon as the match is over. Members are also not able to see match highlights in time, which adds to the discomfort. In fact, Hktv25 thinks that it is impossible to make a profit even if it collects paid members in Korea, and even if it does, it is difficult to guarantee that the server status will be properly maintained as it is now.

Hktv25 Server Stable & Sports Broadcasting Platform

Because the mlb relay fee itself is much higher than expected, in order to cover this relay fee, the paid payment amount has to continue to increase, and since it is trying to avoid a loss, the operating company is shaking hands to lower the quality of the broadcast. Overseas league broadcasts are inevitably in the red in terms of profitability from the perspective of broadcasters, and the burden is inevitably increased on consumers. Naturally, despite spending money, the quality of Hktv25 broadcasting is getting lower, the number of contents is decreasing, and the inconvenience of using the platform is increasing, so the desire to use such a service disappears. Even though I pay a small amount of money, I have no choice but to receive services that are inferior to OTT services, which makes me question where all my money is being used. It is not that broadcasters are unaware of these consumer complaints, but in reality, it is not possible to resolve such complaints immediately, so I think that it is better for consumers to gather and create a platform where they can easily watch the league broadcasts they want in a variety of ways. Will do Hktv25 has the advantage that even non-members can freely use the provided services. It is an industry practice that it is necessary to register as a member to use the browser service, but this shows how to break through such trivial practices. When you sign up, you have to provide some personal information to the company, but now that online security is very low, it is not easy to protect your personal information, so many people are reluctant to provide the information itself. Of course, leaking personal information does not necessarily lead to financial damage. Once the information itself feels unprotected, it’s not something anyone wants. Therefore, it is better to have a way to use the platform without providing any personal information.

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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