Gmail error 2013


There are many users nowadays who are dealing with Gmail Error (#2013) frequently. After investigating a bit we were able to find the errors which are actually causing this issue for the users and the users need to go through these reasons so that they can understand the problem more specifically and then find the best solutions for it. 

Possible culprits for this issue

  1. Interference of third-party apps 
  2. Gmail is not supporting the browser you are using properly 
  3. The browser cache files are corrupted 
  4. The version of the browser is outdated and old. 
  5. The ad blocker is interfering with your activities on Gmail 

Now, that we know the reasons let us find the method which could be helpful in fixing this issue on your browser. 

Methods to fix Gmail error code #2013

    1. If you are not able to access Gmail on a normal browser then you should try to access it using incognito mode on the same browser. This way the third-party apps that are troubling you will not be able to do so and you will be able to access Gmail as you want to. 
  • You must be aware of the fact that not all browsers are compatible with Gmail and work with it, there are some browsers that is not compatible with Gmail, and hence if you are using any such browser then you will not be able to Gmail and it will keep prompting oops the system encountered a problem error. The browser which is good to use with Gmail are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and internet explorer Microsoft edge; so make sure to not use any browser other than these to access Gmail.
  • To fix the Gmail error you must clear the corrupted cache files which are the reason for this issue and because of which the users are struggling to use Gmail on their devices. 
  • The users must check if the browser they are using is updated to the newest version or not, and if not then they need to install the latest update immediately. 


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