Guide to picking sympathy flowers
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Flowers have been a part of our expressions since a long time now, yet in difficult times when one falls sick or passes away, we are unable to comprehend what is going on. Sympathy flowers are a way to show your support, offer your condolences and also bring hope. Both for the family who has to go through such a tough phase and the people around it can get to keep up.

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Flowers bring positivity, warmth, hope, and light. The tradition of giving flowers dates back to ancient Greece but choosing the right one is still a task, here is a guide for picking the right sympathy flower, you can buy flowers online and get local flower delivery

Go by the meaning 

We all just pick flowers by their looks, colors, or just based on an arrangement. We rely highly on our florist, which is a great option as well. But flowers have a deep significance, and it is best to pick flowers knowing their meaning. It is since the Victorian era that flowers were attributed meanings with colors, region, and type this meaning changes. Some options of sympathy flowers by meaning are– 

  • Lilies have been a traditional flower for funerals. There are various types of lilies, and all are appropriate for expressing your sympathy. Especially Asiatic lily, Oriental, and Easter lily.  Lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and virtue. These flowers are believed to represent coming to peace after death. 
  • Carnations in colors pink and white are a popular pick. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude and remembrance, and white carnations symbolize purity and luck. 
  • Roses, generally symbolize love, courage, and admiration. You can pick white roses, white roses symbolize silence and serenity. 
  • Orchids are known to be rare and beautiful, orchids symbolize love, thoughtfulness, and strength. With SnapBlooms you can get these flowers from your florist in Clintonville, WI. 

Go by Type

There are various types that these flowers are arranged into, these are round wreaths, hearts, crosses, casket spray, and standing spray. These flowers have been placed as a centerpiece at various places on the venue, these flowers are generally arranged by the family and close members only and are not given as gifts. 

  • Wreaths are round with flowers arranged in a complete circle. These can be placed around the venue in some cultures wreaths are placed over the coffin as well. 
  • Casket Spray is well-arranged flowers with greens and is placed on the casket.  
  • Standing Spray is similar to wreaths and stays upright, these can be made into symbols like cross or heart. 
  • Flowers are placed inside the casket and are made to fill up around the corners or made into a floral pillow. 
  • For children, traditional arrangements are generally avoided and flowers are made into hobbies for the child or something they cherished like cars, colors, and other toys.
  • Flower baskets are generally taken as a symbol of sympathy by the visitors, local flowers are arranged in baskets. Flowers like Lilies, Gerbera Daisy, and daffodils are picked. If you are unable to pay a visit arrange a sympathy flowers delivery with a floral shop online at SnapBlooms. 

Go by Colors 

With different colors comes a varied meaning, it is often thought that white is the only color for funerals, but that’s not always true. You can go with various colors keeping in mind their symbolism and representation. 

  • White is a clean color, and it represents purity, innocence, and serenity. 
  • Red color for sympathy flowers is a popular choice, red symbolizes strength, respect, love, and devotion. 
  • Blue symbolizes sympathy, sadness, and peace. 
  • Pink shades are symbolic of calmness, being kind, innocence, and youth.

Sympathy plants

Moving away from traditional flowers, house plants, or plants, in general, are also considered well suited for expressing sympathy. Plants last longer and act as a constant reminder of support in difficult times. It also brings light, uplifts mood, and brightens up the space. For people who already are into plants, you can pick plants that they might not have in their collection. For others, you can pick the ones that are easy to maintain, and have a long shelf life. 

  • Peace Lily- A green plant with peace lily blossoms that grow over time. 
  • Orchid and succulent- A zen garden with orchid blooms and tiny succulents. 
  • Bonsai Gardenia- A miniature gardenia tree, with picked flowers. 
  • The money tree is- Miniature money tree with tall and slender leaves. 

At times of distress and loss, we must keep close and show our support. Flowers are indicative of light at the end of the tunnel. And are always appreciated by the receiver. 

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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