Granite Bathroom Worktops: Is it For You

If you are renovating your bathrooms and want to install new trendy designs as your bathroom worktops in Essex, then this article is for you.

What Do You Need For Your Bathroom?

Before searching for any material, it’s very important to know about your requirements for your bathroom. For this, you’ve to look and decide about your themes, the essential factors needed in your bathroom area, and your priorities of course. If you are looking for:

  • Strong & reliable
  • Easy to wet
  • Environment friendly
  • Tiles & slabs
  • Attractive & aesthetic
  • Availability of different designs & colors

Then yes, Granite worktops in Essex are made for you. Granite worktops are strong and reliable to use. They are easy to wet, it will not cause any problems. As they are naturally extracted, granite is environment-friendly as well. They guarantee to deliver all different designs in granite. They offer tiles and slabs as well in granite material. For a larger area, granite slabs in worktops are best and for small areas, granite tiles are most useful for you. They deal in aesthetic and attractive designs. You can find several different colors and themes as per your requirements.

Trending Colors and Themes:

For your facility, we will be covering all the trending themes and colors in Granite worktops in Essex.

1. White

White is a very famous color in 2022. If you have a dark-colored theme in your bathroom and you want to do contrast themes, then yes white is your color. It will also give the sense of cleanliness and spacious area as well. You have the choice of colonial white granite and cotton white granite for your bathroom worktops in granite. Colonial white granite consists of brown and off-white colored flakes. It is considered a highly expensive granite. It is suitable for contemporary and traditional bathroom themes. While cotton white consists of a gray and black theme.

2. Blue

Blue is the color of vibrancy, youth, and joy. It will be a perfect match for your contemporary designed bathroom. It will create a relaxing vibe in your bathroom environment. You can go for Blue Bahia and blue pearl granite. Blue Bahia is rare to find and has high cost than others. It has a white and gold combination with blue veining. It can give stunning look to your bathroom worktops. Blue pearl granite with navy blue tones, dark grey, and white subtleties can add sparkle to your bathroom.

3. Black

Black is taken as a bold and dramatic color.  And when you combined it with light-toned colors and themes, it will depict an elegant personal space. Black is taken as a less stained color. Black galaxy granite and black Marinace Granite are good choices. Black galaxy granite has a jet black color with white distant stars whereas black marine granite has white, grey, and black stones covered by a slab of black marinace.

4. Brown

Brown has made a comeback in 2022 with beige and chocolate brown colors. You can go for Brown antique granite, tropic brown granite, and Astoria granite. It can go for light and dark themes as well.

Solid Worktops Ltd is the one-stop solution for you if you are looking for granite worktops for your bathroom.

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