If you want to learn interior design but are on a budget, there are many options for free classes online. There are numerous resources available, including Udemy, Skillshare, MIT, and the Open University. Some of the best free classes will allow you to learn using your own computer. These online courses also offer hands-on projects, experience with design tools, and interaction with other students.


Whether you’re new to the world of interior design or just interested in learning more about it, Udemy has courses to fit your needs. These courses cover everything from project planning to working with clients. You’ll learn about design principles and how to use different materials and textiles to create a unique look. You’ll also learn about color and lighting schemes and how to work with light and dark rooms.

If you’re looking for a course on interior design, Udemy has some great free courses. Udemy offers interior design, web development, and coding, and you can even get a certificate of completion after completing the course. And best of all, the courses are free!


If you’re looking to get started in the interior design field, Skillshare offers free online courses for interior designers and decorators. You can learn everything from how to plan a project to how to use 3D modeling and other design tools. The classes also include hands-on projects and interactive learning with peers.

These courses can help you build on your current design skills, or you can learn a new skill and become a freelance designer. For instance, you could become a multimedia artist, a creative director, or a user interface designer. There are thousands of courses on Skillshare that will help you get started and learn new things.


Free interior design courses can be a great way to get a head start on a new career or to brush up on your skills. You don’t need any prior knowledge, but you will need a computer and some software. You can download these courses for free before you decide whether or not to enroll. There are a number of different programs available, ranging from beginner to intermediate.

Autodesk Homestyler is a web-based course that teaches you how to create floor plans, place doors and windows, and experiment with different product brands. Students will learn the importance of light and colour and experiment with various styles. In addition, the program offers video presentations by professional designers and a huge color palette. MIT also offers a free course called Principles of Design, which teaches students the basic design principles and introduces students to digital software.

Open University

There are a number of free interior design courses available online from the Open University. These courses focus on various aspects of interior design, from the history of design to the science of interior space. They also provide an overview of the professional skills and knowledge required to work in the industry. Some of these courses are taught by established interior designers.

Free interior design courses are an excellent way to get started in the industry. Although they do not offer a complete education, they do provide a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain insight into a fascinating field. Plus, they may even help you chart your future career path!

MIT’s Open Courseware program

Whether you are a working professional or an amateur, there are several free interior design courses you can take online. These courses can help you advance in your career or enhance your talent. You can complete these courses from the comfort of your own home. MIT’s Open Courseware program is a great option for anyone looking to learn interior design.

This program will help you learn to use popular design software. If you are looking to become a designer, this masterclass will teach you how to use popular design software, including AutoCAD and Revit. You’ll also learn to use other design apps and websites. You can choose from a number of certificate programs at MIT, such as daylighting and principles of design.

MIT’s Design Thinking

There are many online courses that can teach you the fundamentals of interior design. You can choose from six to 10 hours of learning to become a better interior designer. The courses will introduce you to the process of project planning, how to communicate with your clients, and various design principles. In addition, you’ll learn how to work with textiles, surface materials, and accessories. You’ll also learn about styles and themes of furniture and how to source them.

MIT’s Design Thinking course is a two-month program that helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of the process of design thinking. The programme’s faculty are internationally recognized experts on innovation and design. In addition to lectures, you’ll complete assignments, graded quizzes, and hands-on projects. This will give you the skills you need to turn ideas into reality.

Autodesk Design Academy

Autodesk’s Design Academy is a free, online design community and teaching platform that offers a variety of free courses on a wide range of topics. It offers self-paced courses for students of all skill levels. In addition to free courses, the Design Academy offers a free online 3D design program known as Tinkercad. This app is used by designers, hobbyists, educators, and kids to create realistic designs. It also offers step-by-step tutorials to get started with 3D designs.

Developed by experienced educators, the Autodesk Design Academy provides teachers with free resources to enhance classroom instruction and develop student skills in design thinking and technology. Teachers can easily integrate Autodesk’s materials into their curriculum and assess student progress using national standards.

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