One of the perhaps most important things you need to make sure before putting your car up for sale is wash and polish the car. It is important that in connection with the sale of the car, you make it appear as beautiful as possible. It can be done in modern Bilvask, but it is definitely recommended that you do it yourself as well. When you have to sell the car, polishing it is an idea that can increase the value. Here, the Sonax products “Wax & Polish” can be ideal for using different materials on the car. In addition, Basta also has products for polishing – there are four different variants for different materials. Here you can equip yourself with products for polishing chrome, metal and aluminum. In addition, you can find wax to polish surfaces with. With a polishing of the car, you can remove unfortunate scratches and scuffs in the car’s paintwork. Of course, polishing the car does not completely replace a new paint job on the car, but you can get really nice results. In addition, it is important that you use microfiber cloths for washing and polishing your car. Here it is recommended to use Basta’s microfiber cloths so that you do not make new scratches and scuffs in the car.

Suggested products:

  • Engine cleaning: Make sure that the engine compartment looks good, a clean engine compartment is a sign that the car has been taken care of.
  • The paint: Remember to give the paint wax before the buyer arrives, it makes the car look much nicer.
  • Microfiber cloths: During the cleaning, it is nice to have some good cloths; Basta makes microfiber cloths for every purpose.
  • Windows: The car’s windows must be cleaned both inside and out, use e.g. Basta Ruderens with ‘rain away’ effect on the outside.

Other products for exterior maintenance.

Ready, set, sell – get ready to sell your car

Once you have reviewed the car from the inside to the outside, both outside and inside and are ready to sell the car, then you need to figure out where and how to sell the car. You can, of course, choose to sell the car to a private individual on your own. If there is someone in your network who wants to buy the car, this may be the best solution, as you do not have to pay an intermediary a fee to sell the car. If this is not the case, then it can be really difficult to get the necessary exposure to sell the car – and here the online car dealers can help you. There are a sea of ​​them on the web – both in the form of bases, sales platforms and other services that can provide exposure. You can throw your car up as part of the preparation of the car and even check what other similar cars cost. This allows you to get an overview of.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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