As we saw, the ego gives a sense of identity; organizes ideas, perceptions of the world and experiences. An example of this is the frustration exacerbated when the egomaniac fails to configure an experience that he wanted.

Is the ego bad? Controlled, channeled, and balanced, it is neither bad nor good in itself. The limit is when it begins to produce suffering.

Are ego dynamics limiting? Yes. The ego is insatiable. That is why egocentric people tend to do their best to twist and twist situations, and generate usually excessive reactions. Then there is a point where it carries “punishment or guilt,” according to Freud.

Can we get rid of the ego?

It is convenient to focus on a therapy that helps to dismantle everything that is not conducive to the ego, to live from enjoyment, joy, mutual cooperation and happiness, which are innate gifts of the human being.

Is there an ego seen from the spiritual perspective? Yes. The spiritual ego basically believes that oneself is in possession of an absolute truth and does not admit other points of view.

Can you work on quieting the ego?

Of course! The different frames of therapy, the search for paths of personal self-development, meditation and stillness, intense inner work, lead to a rediscovery of the Being (the I, the It and something else located on a higher plane of consciousness, whatever your belief). Therefore, when reaching these steps step by step, authentically spiritual people are simple, profound beings, often silent, gentle and like to share and transmit their own experience. They do it not from the ego, but from the learning that brought them to the present moment. Find out what kind of Coolnsmart you have

As we can see, an excess of ego or conscience closed only in itself harms the growth of a person, because being so involved in it, perhaps they are not even aware that there is a higher plane of existence, and that it is totally possible. access it and live with greater freedom.

Inner freedom at its best, is the reward when you manage to silence the ego.

“This egoism excess is something like a plug that prevents the ascent of the mind to super conscious states”, shares the researcher in his book “El ego”. And, very graphically, he adds that “the mind of a person with little self-awareness is a five-star hotel for the ego.”

As we can see, the frequent behavior of those who live only from the ego translates into being blinding, arrogant, pejorative, insatiable and non-conformist by nature, up to a very harmful level of paranoia and possessiveness.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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