It has been a misconception that the trainers start the exercises immediately when you come into the facility. If some of the facilities are doing this, it is hazardous because it can harm the body rather than benefit it. So the personal fitness trainer has to follow specific steps that are part of the personalized fitness training program.

Personal Fitness Trainer Explain Steps Of the Program

Different training facilities give priority to some steps, and others miss out few. The main thing to remember is whether missed out steps affect the goals and outcomes of the training program or the result will be the same. Below are some essential steps that trainers follow.

Introduction to the Training Program

This is the step in which the clients are given orientation to the program. This includes an explanation of the different training programs, an introduction of the trainers, and equipment. Also, showing the clients training routines that are being held at the facility.

Evaluation of your Stamina and Fitness

There are many different techniques by which the personal trainers evaluate the fitness and stamina of their clients. These include the number of push-ups the client can do, sitting and reaching out for testing flexibility, running a mile on the treadmill, and assessing the ratio of body fats.

Know the Goal of the Training

Each client has different fitness goals that they have set for themselves. People have four types of fitness goals that can be accomplished. The trainers at fitness centers like Silicone Valley Athletics consider these goals.

  1. You attain the purpose of having a healthy body.
  2. Achieving the aim of losing weight by burning fat.
  3. Gaining muscle.
  4. Doctors have recommended for elders to increase stamina.

The Best Personal Trainer Making a Plan

Initially, the trainers will design a resistance program in which includes warm-up exercises. Next, the trainer will create a Cardiorespiratory Fitness Program that helps improve the heart, increase stamina, endurance, and help sleep better. The duration of this plan should be up to twelve weeks.

Know What Equipment Will to be Used

The different types of equipment used for professional training are Training Bench, Dumbbell Set, Barbell Set, Kettlebell Set, Pull-Up Frame and Bar, Treadmill, Stationary Bicycle, Rowing Machine, Fitness Ball, and rollout wheel.

Staring the Exercises and Professional Training

Everything has been decided, from the physical assessment to the exercises, proper training under supervision is done. The trainers will start with warm-ups and gradually increase the exercise intensity.

Keeping a Proper Record of Fitness Program

What is the use of having fitness training without keeping a record of it? A fitness log is kept; so that the activities and exercises are conducted in the right way. Also, no routine is missed out, and this record can be given to the clients to work out at home as well.

Making Final Assessment of the Training

Making assessments is a long one because there are several times when they are done during the fitness program. The first one is done after four weeks through the training. The second assessment is made when eight weeks have passed of the program. Finally, the last assessment is made at the end of the professional training program.

These are the essential steps that the personal fitness trainer must take to complete the professional training program.

By Shan Ali

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