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Online Casino sports betting is always very attractive to today’s gaming community. They always look to the bookies to satisfy their pleasure. One of the ideal places that bettors always frequent is the AE888  house. This is one of the most prestigious bookmakers in the Asian market. Is that the truth? Follow the article below to learn more about this prestigious house.

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About the AE888 bookie

AE888 is the brand that dominates the online betting market in Vietnam today. AE888 has been famous as a reputable bookmaker in the European market since 2010. However, it was in 2016 that AE888 became familiar to the Vietnamese market and began to surpass the names. Other ages like M88, FB88, etc., to become the #1 prestigious bookmaker in the market.

According to the evaluation of many players, AE888 is different from other bookies. AE888 has a beautiful feature and makes players constantly utter beautiful words to praise.

AE888’s Promotion

The first unique point that needs to be said about AE888 is where it originated. AE888 is owned by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD and quickly received a business license from a prestigious Casino organization in the world – First Cagayan.

Over the years, operating in global markets, AE888 has accumulated experience and introduced many innovations to provide a unique user experience. You will not be able to find this uniqueness in any other bookie other than AE888.

In addition, AE888 also provides many particular policies to support players, such as a Return policy, attractive promotions, and quick registration, …

AE888 bookie review

Although only emerging in the Vietnamese market in 2016, AE888 has quickly affirmed its position in bettors’ hearts. All the efforts and efforts of the house AE888 have paid off because today, the name AE888 has become a monument difficult for any bookie to overcome.

What makes Venus Casino where it is today, the most outstanding merit must belong to the members participating in betting at the house. Thanks to the members’ attention, AE888 has tried non-stop to overcome, improve and improve the quality of products and services. Since then, AE888 has become more and more developed and quickly won players’ trust.

If you are a new player to AE888 and want an overview of this house, you can refer to the information we mentioned below. After a survey of the AE888 house in the betting community, we have obtained the following opinions:


In terms of advantages, the AE888 house has more highlights than other bookies, namely:

As a reputable bookie, licensed to operate by First Cagayan international organization

Cooperate with many famous game developers in the world to create a variety of attractive betting games for members

AE888 football betting

Eye-catching website interface design and scientifically arranged layout make it easy for players to use.

There is a dedicated betting application for phones (iOS and Android) for convenience, helping players to participate anytime, anywhere.

Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly and transparently.

As one of the first bookmakers to develop virtual sports betting. With this form, players can earn vast amounts of money from virtual football games, basketball, etc.

AE888’s Online Casino has a full range of games, such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Poker, …

Support users can pay via phone card along with many other payment methods

The odds are good, and there are more than 4000 matches every day to help players participate in bets from big tournaments to small tournaments


Besides the above advantages, still has some disadvantages that have not been overcome, as follows:

Betting participants will spend a lot of time registering (The reason is that the AE888 house needs accurate information for the best security for players)

Each member can only create 1 AE888 account.

The website interface is still a bit dark.

AE888 football betting

However, these disadvantages are intended to ensure the safety and fairness of the players. A player with too many accounts will enjoy the promotion many times. That would be very unfair to other players.

Therefore, AE888 only allows one player to create 1 AE888 account. They can contact customer service if the account has problems or the player needs to remember the password. Of the house to get the issue resolved quickly.


With its goal to bring many exciting experiences to players, the house has focused on building the most user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Since innovating and investing in the interface, the house has always received many satisfied reviews from gamers about the interface. That is the joy and motivation that helps the house continue to innovate to better suit the diverse interests of players.

The interface fully and clearly shows the information of the matches to help players save time searching. The website has many new improvements to allow players to access it with many convenient devices such as phones or computers. Therefore, players can easily watch and enjoy the matches wherever they are when the device is fully connected to the network.

AE888 – is always the first choice of many players in the competitive online gaming world. In addition to the new experiences of many games, AE888’s customer service is highly praised for its fast speed, convenience, and professionalism.

In addition, AE888 also attracts customers thanks to its diverse channel system and easy access to the most enthusiastic, dedicated, and fast support staff. At the same time, AE888 offers players many surprising and attractive promotions.


When accessing AE888 to participate in betting, customers must log in to their main account. If you do not have an account, you must register according to simple instructions. Compared to many other bookies, AE888 has reduced many stages when registering an account. Typically, to become an official member, it only takes 2 minutes for players to follow the guided registration and login steps.

Download AE888 Application

AE888 gives players a sense of security, avoiding risks because user information is confidential and solving many people’s concerns about security when making online betting games. Venus Casino has successfully built a certified security system that ensures reliability and safety because most transactions are encrypted and protected by two layers of passwords.


Depending on your financial ability and needs, choose the appropriate betting levels in the bet levels that AE888 has offered. If you are a newbie with little experience, we recommend choosing the lowest bet for an easier and safer initial experience. Although the chance is low, players will be surprised because the odds of winning are desirable and bring high satisfaction. AE888 is always confident to be a reputable address, committed to updating accurate, fast, and attractive odds to ensure maximum legitimate benefits for players.

In addition to the quality of the service of online games, AE888 is known as the house with many great and attractive promotions for players. Not only will long-term members receive promotions, but most of the house’s diverse promotions will be given to new members. Specifically:

Get a 100% bonus on the first deposit;

Many offers 0.7% cashback, 0.8% slot rebate;

Bonuses on holidays, birthdays, or 0.88% bonus for weekend sports;

Give a gratitude bonus when you refer friends to join. The promotions and incentives of Venus Casino are apparent, specific, and transparent to ensure the value of benefits for players. While playing with AE888, players will receive a lot of incentives because the house is constantly updating.

Sign up AE888 Account

Attractive betting games are available at the AE888 house

The AE888 house is famous for its beautiful betting games with high payout percentages. If you are curious and need to know what the betting game at AE888 has that attracts so many players, let’s explore below.

ONLINE Cockfight

AE888 is used in Linh Vu da ga online

Cockfight AE888 – the leading playground in the field of online cockfighting

An online cockfight is a recognized form of entertainment in Cambodia, but the house is from here, so this product invested a lot of AE888.

Currently, SV388 is a reputable partner of the bookie, which has contributed to bringing players many of the most exciting and super exciting cockfighting matches in the market. Therefore, players are entirely safe to choose this game at the house to have more exciting experiences. When coming to the SV388 lobby, players can both bet and watch the cockfights for free to help players have a more accurate view of the types of cocks to consider choosing the best bet level for their cocks. Favorite.

Top-up AE888

In addition, the house is broadcasting live Philippine cockfighting, extremely attractive cockfighting with high resistance and classic.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is an indispensable type of betting for any bookmaker. However, at Venus Casino, sports betting has been pushed to a new level. Players can not only participate in football, basketball, and tennis, … but also enjoy betting with virtual sports – A new type of betting has been introduced into the house.

Players can enjoy sports betting with more than 4000 matches updated every day.

Not only that, when participating in sports bets at the W8 house, you will also learn a lot of helpful knowledge about the subjects. At the same time, you can also play with the betting masters to learn from experience to profit from the game.

Online Casino

As a betting player, you must have also wanted to go to famous casinos worldwide, such as Macau or Las Vegas. Etc. However, instead of spending a large amount of money to come to casinos. You can enjoy the feeling of “sublimation” with the online Casino at the AE888 house.

AE888’s online casino games are meticulously designed and detailed to give players a realistic feeling. In particular, in each AE888 game, there are many rotation angles to help players feel like they are participating in betting at genuine professional casinos.

Online Casino is the strength of the AE888 house.

The betting slots are also very smartly designed with a very high reward rate to create opportunities for players to win many valuable rewards. Besides, AE888 offers many different bet levels to help players manage their finances most effectively.

Online Lottery

Not only impressing players with sports betting games, but online Casino AE888 also gives players an incredibly unique experience with online lottery games. When participating in the game, the members leave compliments on the house because of their creativity and novelty.

Venus Casino makes an excellent impression on members when it includes online lotteries in betting games at the house.

Not only that, but online lotteries also surprise you with the payout percentage. The payout rate is so high that many members still spread the information that if anyone is lucky, they can “change their lives” after only one day of playing the online lottery at that AE888 house.

Withdrawal money from AE888

Slot games

AE888 is a bookie who has been operating for a long time in the European market. Therefore, this bookie also cooperates with many famous game developers worldwide to create exciting products with unique content and, above all, a high payout rate.

Due to being released by famous companies worldwide, AE888’s Slot games are always appreciated. From graphic design to images, sound quality is guaranteed, helping players have an extremely new and exciting experience.


Coming to AE888 is coming to Slot game paradise. You will find hundreds of slot games with different themes. Each game has unique content, and you can find a suitable match to earn more memories—many rewards such as exploding jars, spinning jars, slots, etc.

The AE888 house is a slot game paradise that players who love betting should not ignore

In addition, AE888 also designed many events in the game to attract the attention of bettors. Any member who wins straight in the events will receive a reward with a total value of up to millions of dong. Players can completely get rich from Slot games at the AE888 house.

So, what are you waiting for without immediately registering for an account at the AE888 bookie? You will indeed be surprised by what the house has to offer.


Above is all the information we want to send you in today’s article. I hope you have had a lot of helpful information about the AE888 house. Thank you for your attention!


Address: 382 Cộng Hòa, 13, Tân Bình, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: 0562459233





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