Women always had a special place for earrings in their hearts and their bridal trousseau is no different. From heavily embellished ones to dainty little chunks and even modish statements baubles, every piece is chosen with umost love and thoughtfulness. Here are four types of earrings that can be an indispensable part of your engagement jewellery ideas.

  1. Chandbalis – The name has a beautiful ring to it and looks even more beautiful on the bride’s ears. They derive their name from the word “chaand” due to their crescent shape. They are a must have for all trousseau staple. This particular shape of earring has this exceptional charm and is one of the most favoured types. They seem to have an elegance of their own and go on beautifully with suits, lehengas or sarees and can glam up any outfit.
  1. Babhubali earrings – They are perfect blend of traditional and modernity; these earrings are a must for the edge that they deliver to any outfit. They are some of the most unique engagement jewellery ideas that come with multiple strings attached to your basic earring buy 1000 tiktok followers and are going to be pinned to your hair. They are worth every penny that you are going to spend on them.
  1. Jhumkis – These are the most common type of earrings and are every woman probably possesses at least one of them. They can be seen dangling from hoops, dainty chains or even a huge stud. They are available in different shapes and sizes and are everyone’s favourite. They can be matched with every Indian outfit and is a classic and timeless piece of jewellery.
  1. Chandelier earrings – Now who doesn’t love a glittering pair of chandelier earrings? As the name suggests, they are some of the most popular engagement jewellery ideas and they are usually the shape of a chandelier. Some of earrings of this design have multiple layers that tend to narrow down towards the end with just a single hanging drop. They can be called an amazing statement jewellery piece that can amp up even the simplest of outfit. If you choose chandelier earrings, skip out on any neckpiece especially if the earrings are big and heavy.

Other types of earrings that you can choose are dangle/danglers and also the jhumar or passa type of earrings. We believe that it is very important for to have a considerate know how of moissanite  engagement rings  jewellery ideas in terms of earrings for the bride to be. The bride should carefully pick what looks well not just other jewellery piece but the whole attire as well. Browse magazines or local jewellery shops to get the much -needed inspirational cehck australia store Engagement Rings Direct . If nothing else works, enlist the help of engagement jewellery designer.

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