Stunning Birthday Cakes for All in 2021

So, getting the right cake for an occasion will of course take some time. The first step is to decide who is going to bake the cake, home-based, or ordered. Remember, ordering cakes from online cake shops has several advantages. Don’t waste your time and energy in baking the cake yourself. You can just choose the flavors of the cake that match the birthday theme. Once you have decided on the birthday theme, then think about the cake because you can’t have a cake that doesn’t match the theme.

5 Must have cakes everyone will fall in love with!

Write a guest list to find out the number of people who are likely to attend the birthday party, from there you can decide the size of the cake you’ll need to bake or order. Below given are the 5 most stunning birthday cakes for all in 2021.

  1. Mermaid cake

For your daughter who is one with the sea, a mermaid cake is a beautiful cake to celebrate her birthday. The mermaid cake is a unique one that can be creative or as simple as you want. The cake has an ocean effect with shades of blue and green in it, the rest is up to you if you are baking the cake yourself. If you are looking to order a birthday cake online, then this is an amazing one that will steal the show. You can select the weight and size of the cake when you order it from online cake shops.

  1. Unicorn cake

Unicorn cake is a great idea if your dear one loves the world of magical creatures and fantastic tales. If you are baking it yourself, you have so much room for experimenting. This special cake has different flavors under a coat of sparkles and magic. However, if you are not baking it, then it is easier for you to find it online. You can choose a delicious unicorn cake from a variety of flavors, including black forest, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and butterscotch. A unicorn cake is a beautiful display of colors to impress everyone at the party.

  1. Rainbow hearts cake

Everyone knows that the heart is a symbol of love. Bake a rainbow heart cake which is a simple sponge, covered in white fondant, and use a multi-colored fondant for the hearts.  This is a simple cake that requires minimal tools. If you want to order a cake online, then any online cake shop can help you with such simple design cakes.

  1. Cartoon Cake

If you are looking for a birthday cake for your little one, this cake is the perfect one for you. If you buy cake online, or you can design and bake your kid’s favorite cartoon character, then you are sure to win your little one’s heart. Being one of the popular cakes, you can even find it in your local supermarket. Be sure you get your kid’s favorite cartoon character and not their second favorite!

  1. Butterfly cake

A colorful butterfly is an image of beauty and elegance for all. It is a visual treat to see the colors of wings dance in the sun of a summer’s day. Surprise your special one with a butterfly cake and it would bring a smile on their face.

The cake is the only thing people remember about every great birthday party. A small cake for a big day can ruin the overall excitement of the special day. Proper planning about the cake is a must to make your dear one feel special on their special day.

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