In today’s digital world, it is very hard to generate leads without a very strong online presence. This was our mindset when we first started our smart home idea, to boost our online presence for awareness purposes and to get more leads from Google ads.

We have contacted Code Guru to set a meeting and discuss further our goals. They were very easy to communicate with and understood our target quickly without any confusion. They switched our focus towards website visitors who are more likely to convert into loyal customers. 

We started choosing our keywords and the most searched questions and words on Google in order to target the right audience without wasting money and time. By using the right tracking and reports, Code Guru focused on the well performing ads and adjusted the non-performing ones to reduce the cost per click and increase the clicking through rate.

Code Guru created our own images, headlines, logos and descriptions to build new banners for each potential ad space. They used different taglines on different images to discover which was pardoning bets with each audience. 

Our business saw online conversions by 35%, with a 42% increase from search alone. This was combined with a 65% drop in cost per click, which reduced spending. The advertising campaign by Code Guru was very successful and led to amazing results and even exceeded our expectations. 

The performance was flying high, even when the campaign ended its effect stayed because of the Search engine optimization done by Code Guru to generate organic leads also and not only paid leads. The SEO is very important for long term results and not only instant results. 

Code Guru managed to streamline the way they manage campaigns to not only improve performance but also provide us a better service based on an experience of strategic partnership.

If you want to reach the sky with your business, Google ads give you the opportunity to reach potential customers as they use multiple devices — desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

We highly recommend them to you if you are looking to stand out of the competition and make profits and conversions.  Thank you so much Code Guru for your effort and dedication. We couldn’t have reach the top without your help and persistence.

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