We have experienced a horrible dream of Covid-19. It was the virus that pushed all of us into a death well. Everyone wants to save his life by staying away from his near ones. No two loved ones were allowed to hug each other because the Covid virus spread by a single touch. Some people had mild coughs and fever, but his friends and family assumed it was Covid-19 and started to stay away from him. PCR and antigen tests are the common types of virus diagnosing tests. Is there a need for isolation after the PCR test? Let’s read this article to discuss the conditions that demand quarantine.

The authenticity of Covid -19 PCR Test

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is the most authentic test among all others Covid-19 detecting tests. A researcher investigates the presence of virus genetic material by creating billions or millions of copies of a targeted fragment. It is a long process that takes 24 hours to deliver reliable results.

What is Isolation?

Isolation is a limitation when a person is restricted to his place alone to stop the spread of disease. You can also use the term Quarantine to describe Isolation.

Conditions to Isolate After Covid-19 PCR Test

Not all conditions demand a person to isolate himself. There should be some situations after which quarantine becomes crucial.

· Condition 1: Symptomatic or Asymptomatic Positive Test Report

Some people with mild symptoms get a PCR test and receive a Positive report. It is an alarming condition in which a medical specialist advises a patient to go under isolation for at least 1 week. Isolation becomes essential even with an asymptomatic Covid PCR positive report.

· Condition 2: Symptomatic Negative Report

Sometimes, people with mild symptoms do a PCR test but do not get a positive report. It might be another problem or a Corona in a very early stage. A person who acquires Covid-19 negative results but feels down in his health must isolate himself for some days. It will be most appropriate for himself and his loved ones.

Covid-19 Test Repetition

You should get a Covid-19 test after some days if you feel lazy and have some Covid-19 symptoms. The test repetition will help you stay updated about your health in a pandemic era.

What Should You Do During Quarantine?

  • Do not delay and concern your Doctor for the next steps after getting the Covid-19 positive test.
  • Restrict yourself to a room with an attached washroom so that you do not need to go out for any reason. Ask your family to stay away from you.
  • Follow the Doctor’s advice and take medication on time.
  • Order online test kits for test repetition.

Is There Online Test Services Available?

Official Rapid Tests is an online test-providing website where you can order PCR test kits to get the Covid-19 test at home. You can get a reliable PCR test report from their website at affordable rates. So stay inside and get your PCR test from Official Rapid Tests.


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