You might be curious to know the color of mustard. We will be sharing information about mustard color in this article. You may already know that mustard is used on sandwiches, burgers, steaks, and other grilled meats. But mustard can also be a color. In fact, the mustard colour has enjoyed a lot of popularity in recent years. It is a whimsical take on yellow and can be used with many other colors, making it one the most versatile colors.

What is Mustard Color?

Mustard is used as a condiment to top meats and hamburgers. It’s also used in many sauces and marinades. This is where the color mustard actually comes from. Mustard has a yellow hue that is darker than normal, and slightly less vibrant than usual. It almost looks like a duller version of gold. It is sometimes compared to flax. This can vary depending on the shade and how dark it is. Some shades tend to be more brownish or bronze.

Mustard Color Code

We now have some context about what mustard is. Let’s move on to its color codes.

Mustard is a triplet code #FFDB58.

The color mustard is 215 % red, 219% green and 88% blue on the RGB color scale.

Its HSV numbers are 47deg in hue, 65% in saturation and 100% for value.

The Meaning of Mustard

Mustard is part of the yellow family. It is a distinct hue because it is darker than yellow.

Because of its color association, mustard can be described as a happy and positive hue. Its warm tones will greet you. I

In many ways, mustard can be described as grounding. Its earthy tones are the main focus.

Because of its association with the sun, and its brightness, mustard is an encouraging and uplifting color.

This color also has positive connotations such as joy, energy, and hope.

Pop Culture, Design, Fashion: Color Mustard

The popularity of mustard has increased over the years. It was even designated as a millennial colour alongside millennial pink.

It has gained the support of younger generations, especially the Gen Z crowd.

Wes Anderson is without doubt the master of mustard in film and design.

Anderson creates a world full of colorful and thematic pieces that set the stage for his cinematic masterpieces.

Anderson’s creativity is obvious in the use of mustard within The Grand Budapest Hotel’s interiors. This color is a blend of art nouveau and mid-century pieces. It ties in the warmth and earthiness that are prominent in the film.

What colors go well with Mustard Color?

This color is great for those who want to incorporate mustard in their home or wardrobe. It can be used with many colors.

This color is a great choice if you love it. To show your passion for this color, you can make an accent wall.

You can also pair mustard with neutral colors like whites, browns and blacks if you prefer a subtler look.

Browns’ earthiness will work well with mustard, while adding depth. Mixing mustard with white can add a new dimension to your space.

To make your space or outfit pop, combine mustard with pastel pink or millennial pink . This will give it a more vibrant look. This combination can be used with blue or teal to make it even more electrifying.

Last Thoughts

Mustard is one the most versatile colors we have. You now have the knowledge to inject mustard into your daily life.


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