Type of activity and organizational rules, rules established by the authorized sports federation; Provisions regarding the safety and protection of exhibitors and third parties; An insurance certificate received by the organizer, to cover the legal liability of himself, the participants and other people participating in the event;

Proof of the proposal of the Federation designated or presented for the call for proposals; Assess the impact of the event on Natura 2000 sites based on the context If the incident takes place in less than twenty wards, the governor of each dishonest department (chief of police of Paris);

Heads of departments and possible Minister of the Interior in at least twenty departments: Ministry of the Interior – Directorate for Modernization and Regional Action Traffic and Road Safety Deputy Directorate for Road Safety and Law – Beauvais – 75800 PARIS Codex 08.

If done by more than one department, the file must be submitted at least 3 months before the event date and at least 2 months before the event date if it is done by only one department. If you organize the event without notice or permission, you will be penalized. If it is a sporting event without a final ranking of the participants

It is necessary to request the temporary occupation of the public space and to report the event using the cerfa form 13447 03, if:

Create meeting and visit areas for participants;

Traffic projects assembled in a designated public road area with at least 75 pedestrians, 50 bicycles or other non-motor vehicles, 25 horses or other animals;

It does not offer a fixed schedule or participant evaluation.

Fill out the form with the identification and contact details of the organizers, the type of event scheduled (pilot or pedestrian), the place, date and time of the event, the maximum number of participants, the expected number and the number of spectators. Vehicles to accompany him.

If participants are asked for an itinerary, include the organization methods, the program and rules of the event, the measures taken for the safety of the participants and third parties, the proof of insurance obtained by the organizer, the map of the route, the collection or control of points.

If the accident occurs in one department,

Send the file to the governor of the department (the governor of the Paris police) and if the accident occurs in multiple departments, send the file to the governor of each intersection department.

The practice must be submitted at least one month before the date of the event and the insurance policy can be submitted six days later.

If you organize the event without prior notice or consent, you will be subject to criminal penalties.

Organize an event at the gym

Does the placement have to be accepted?

The 스포츠중계  law regulates the facilities intended to host public sporting events, as well as any provision on public space (ERP). When more than 500 people sit on indoor play equipment or more than 3,000 people with outdoor play equipment attend the event, the equipment should be considered a playground.

It is up to the owner to apply for a permit for the playground. The department chairman agreed after consulting the department’s safety and accessibility advisory committee. This procedure certifies that the provisions on the solidity of the structures, the safety of people and the intervention of the emergency services have been enacted before opening to the public.

You should check if this sports arena is hosting the event.

Approved or in accordance with applicable law. If the number of participants exceeds 1,500, a declaration must be made to the mayor at least two months in advance. You should seek permission from the Security and Access Advisory Board if the event has specific locations and locations, or allows people in areas or locations not designated for it, or in exceptional circumstances. Again this should be 2 months.

Host a sporting event with more than 5,000 people to get the edge in one place

Profit means pursuit of profit (ticket sales, television rights).

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