A cruise can be a peaceful vacation where you sip on cocktails. At the same time, you enjoy live entertainment or an active adventure where you choose to explore different natural environments and wildlife. However, it is essential to note that the itinerary for an adventurous cruise heavily depends on the nature of the weather.

Adventurous cruises are trending since people are looking for more cultural immersions and new experiences in most untouched destinations. Many cruise lines now offer these itineraries, including five-course dinners, butler service, spacious suites, hot tubs, snorkelling and hiking.

Here are some of our top choices if you are looking for an adventurous cruise destination:

New Zealand and Australia

Australia and New Zealand are famous for people who want to enjoy outdoor sports. Some sports you can enjoy here include jet skiing, surfing, windsurfing, bungee jumping and wakeboarding. Australia has the Great Barrier Reef, making it one of the best places to go snorkelling and diving. On the other hand, New Zealand has the Lord of the Rings-Esque landscapes, making it an excellent site for outdoor activities.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has designated more than 25% of its landmass as a protected parkland, making it the perfect destination for the adventurous cruiser. While there, you will likely see toucans, crocodiles and monkeys from a very unusual perspective as you zip between the canopy treetops.

You will also get to enjoy kayaking or water rafting in the mangrove estuaries while you are there. Costa Rica also offers other adventurous activities, including hiking in the Carara National Park, zip lining past the titi monkeys and surfing the waves at Manuel Antonio National Park.


Alaska is the perfect destination for a cruiser who has no problem vacationing in the cold. The destination offers different activities ranging from driving a dog sledge, staling salmon with a rod and reel or riding a zodiac right up to the glaciers.

Some cruise lines, such as Uncruise Adventures, can go through the different corners of Alaska. This way, you can access most places that most cruisers do not get to see when they stop in Alaska. However, suppose you want to go to Alaska by conventional ship. In that case, you can opt for the Princess cruise line, which offers a variety of excursions and activities like lake Kayaking, heli-hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, dog mushing and sport fishing.

Western Caribbean

The Cayman Islands is located in the Western Caribbean and offers the best underwater visibility making it a favourite location for deep divers worldwide. Jamaica is also a paradise for adventurous cruises with opportunities for unique outdoor activities such as river tubing, kayaking, parasailing, rafting and four-wheeling.

One of the best cruise lines in the Western Caribbean destination is the Royal Caribbean. While onboard the many ships, you will find different outdoor activities, including basketball courts, rock climbing walls, zip lines, ice skating rinks and surfing pools. Cruisers can also access the most extensive overwater run located in the Royal Caribbean private port in Labadee in Haiti and not forgetting snorkelling in Cozumel in Mexico.


Hawaii is ranked among the most beautiful islands in the world. Clearwater, flourishing coral reefs and towering surf surround the island. Hawaii is quite dynamic compared to most islands and can be an adventurous cruiser’s paradise with countless mountains, volcanoes, rushing rivers, canyons and chasms.

A wide range of cruise lines offers a wide range of activities, including UnCruise Adventures, which offers cruisers a chance to engage in different outdoor activities, including whale watching, kayaking, paddle boarding and night snorkelling with giant rays. 

If you are looking for a big ship experience. In that case, you can book your vacation with the Norwegian Cruise Line, which offers a wide range of Hawaiian itineraries, and all the activities are included in the rates.

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