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The prescription of substances, whether controlled or not, is a topic that leans into a lot of complicated issues. The use of controlled substances, for example, is often illegal as set by the government. However, when someone is ill and needs these medicines in order to get better, doctors are allowed to prescribe them, under a framework of rules to enforce safety.

Interestingly, upon reading Practice Fusion EMR reviews, you might find that there are prescription features available. This means that using software like Practice Fusion, you can prescribe medications in a safer and more organized way. To learn more about this, we recommend that you read through this article tackling the benefits of such prescription tools.

About Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion EMR is software that came into being in 2005. It was created by software developer AllScripts and relies on a cloud-based service model. It uses innovative tools to allow practices to create modern patient files online. One of its main features is that it is an integrated platform. This means practices can get access to other tools as well.

In the course of using Practice Fusion, you may also utilize the software for billing, and to set up a patient portal. The use of these will help you carry out a lot of the tasks associated with the running of modern practices. Practice Fusion EMR reviews particularly point out that the software has all of the necessary tools required to make patient care easier and accessible.

Practice Fusion EMR Cost

When the software first came out, Practice Fusion was available for free. However, this was at a point when it offered limited features and had limited power at a practice. With the expansion of its offerings, Practice Fusion EMR cost has been shifted. The software now uses a subscription model and allows practices to use it for $99 every month.

Practice Fusion EMR Reviews

Reading through Practice Fusion EMR reviews can tell you a lot about the software and its features. In general, the software has built a strong reputation online with many reviews saying it was a benefit to their practice. This is especially true of the small, independent physician practices that have used Practice Fusion during the course of their work.

According to these Practice Fusion EMR reviews, the software’s biggest draw is that it is easy to navigate. This is accentuated by the fact that it is also easy to learn, which helps to cut down on implementation time. Its many features, including scheduling and patient engagement, also have an impact on the overall reputation of this software.

Practice Fusion EMR Demo

There is a demo from Practice Fusion available if you are interested in the software. The Practice Fusion EMR demo is an excellent resource through which you end up in a tour of the software. This also allows you to see all of the features of Practice Fusion in-depth, along with an expert who you can reach out to with any pending questions on the software.

Understanding Controlled Substances

The first thing when it comes to prescriptions is to understand what you are prescribing. This means that you need to be at a place where you understand what controlled substances are. It is vital for doctors to have the background where they can place why some substances are controlled. This is essential so they can then proceed to make decisions regarding safety.

Controlled substances are, generally, substances that are regulated by the government. while this happens by different bodies around the world, the Drug Enforcement Authority (the DEA) is the body that controls this within the United States. It does so by regulating how medications of all kinds are manufactured, sold, and used within the country.

The Confusion With Such Prescriptions

When it comes to the prescription of medications, there are a lot of myths regarding this in terms of controlled substances. This is because there has been a lot of change regarding the use of controlled substances in the field of medicine. So, what do you do when prescribing a certain controlled substance is necessary for the welfare of your patient?

You may also be wondering what can be done to mitigate the risks of prescription abuse and more. It is important to understand that recent changes to regulations take all of this into account when creating new guidelines around such prescriptions. In 2010, the DEA allowed for the prescription of such substances through online prescription tools.

This was an incredibly important development as it has allowed doctors to not just prescribe such medications easily, but also with more safety precautions. This is because software can account for risks and make effective measures that prevent abuse. Practice Fusion EMR reviews in particular are a testament to the fact that this software helps protect patients.

It does so by using features like allergy and drug interaction checks that can allow you to create better prescriptions. When you create any new prescription for a patient, the software will automatically check for potential allergies and any possible interactions with previously administered medications. This helps to make sure each patient is safe with the prescription.


When it comes to prescription features, there are a lot of options available in Practice Fusion EMR. In fact, the software is so effective at providing these services that even Practice Fusion EMR reviews mention its effectiveness. That, coupled with the features mentioned above, makes this an attractive tool for practices looking to amp up their prescription tools.

However, when it comes to deciding if Practice Fusion EMR is the right choice for you, that is a decision only you can make. In order to reach the right conclusion for your practice, we recommend that you make this decision after appropriate research. This can be done by reading reviews of Practice Fusion EMR or asking for a demo of the software.


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