ayurvedic epilepsy treatment

As a neurological disorder, Epilepsy involves the occurrence of sudden seizures and uncontrolled bodily movements. It happens due to disruption in the normal functioning of the nerve cells in the brain, thereby causing involuntary jerking/shaking of the body muscles or fits. Other symptoms include loss of consciousness, stiffness or tingling of the body, abnormal sensations, and passing out. Since these epileptic seizures are unforeseen, it can hamper your day-to-day life. All the more, the uncontrollable movements can cause harm to the patient as well as people around him. Seeking timely Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment can help you tackle this problem effectively. Being a treasure-trove of ancient medicinal knowledge, Ayurveda provides an all-natural, yet potent cure for Epilepsy.

What are the main causes of Epilepsy?

Studies have shown that Epilepsy is a hereditary illness. But there are still many patients with o such family history. So it can also be an acquired condition. The sporadic bursts of abnormal activity in the brain could be triggered by a number of factors, but it primarily involves brain damage. This could be caused because:-

  • Insufficient oxygenation to the brain when one is born
  • Head Injury
  • Tumour or Stroke
  • Brain Fever or Meningitis
  • Drug Overdose/Alcoholism

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The Harmonious Approach of Ayurveda

Needless to state, Epilepsy is a condition that can be highly detrimental to living a quality life. While the scope of Western Medicine is limited in curing this neurological ailment, Ayurveda has a holistic and powerful approach towards treating it by eliminating the root cause. Most anti-Epileptic Allopathic drugs are strong, curb only the symptoms, and can cause severe complications in the long run. Western medicine also propounds brain surgery to cure Epilepsy, which can be extremely risky. Ayurveda on the other hand, focuses on the use of herbal medication to strengthen the brain, detoxification procedures to correct the Elemental Imbalance, therapeutic Yoga for neuromuscular healing, as well as appropriate diet and lifestyle changes to weed out the causal elements of Epileptic fits. You feel a lot calmer, composed, rejuvenated, and your chances of undergoing seizures becomes minimal as you progress further with the Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment.

How can Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment help?

As per Ayurveda, all ailments in the body are a manifestation of Doshas (Vata, Pitta, or/and Kapha). Ayurvedic practitioners thus classify Epilepsy cases on the basis of the causative Dosha or Elemental Imbalance:-

  1. Vata Dosha-Induced Epilepsy– This usually a result of undue mental stress and anxiety coupled with a disturbed sleep cycle. The natural egesting of waste matter from the body is also adversely affected, thus accumulating toxins. The following Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment is thus prescribed:-
  • The Abhyanga Body Massage with warm medicinal oil helps in rectifying the Vata Dosha.
  • Allowing herbal oil to soak in specific body parts helps in flushing out the toxins. This is known as Vasti.
  • Sirodhara is a highly rejuvenating therapy that calms the third eye (forehead) and eliminates deep-rooted complexities from the brain.


  1. Pitta Dosha-Induced Epilepsy– This condition is a result of excessive Pitta or Fire Element in the body that heats up the brain and causes it to swell. The Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment for Pitta-invoked Epileptic Fits primarily includes the Virechana therapy. It is a Panchakarma technique that focuses on the gentle purging of the body to remove the excess Pitta or fire. This natural detoxification process corrects the Pitta Dosha and brings down the frequency and severity of Epileptic Fits in just a couple of sessions.


  1. Kapha Dosha-Induced Epilepsy– The excessive accumulation of Kapha or mucus has the tendency to cause blockages in various parts of the body. When it causes the blockage of the cerebral nerves, it can lead to Kapha Dosha-induced Epileptic Seizures with excessive salivation. The solution for this ailment lies in flushing out the accumulated Kapha from the body. The following techniques are helpful in this regard:-


Nasya- Ingestion of warm, medicinal oil in the nostrils to remove the Kapha-induced blockage anywhere in the head.

Vaman- Consumption of medicated ghee followed by purging from the upper body for eliminating the Kapha build-up.


Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment is regarded as the most practical, productive, and safe method of treating this complex condition. If you or your family members are afflicted with this neurological ailment, Ayurveda can help you overcome it naturally without any strong medication.










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