Green tea is known for its health benefits. It has antioxidants that help in improving heart conditions. Some studies have shown that it helps sustain cognitive functions in old age, improving intellect, and most famously, reducing weight. The concept of green tea extracts came into being for people who didn’t have the time to let the tea brew regularly but still did not want to lose out on the unique benefits.  

Adults most often drink tea or coffee to go about their day. However, because of its health benefits, people have begun switching to green tea. But as we know, habits die hard; people love the taste of milk and the sweetness of sugar, making it difficult to abandon their preferred beverage completely. This is why green tea extracts have become a preferred supplement and, thus, are raising its demand.

Here are a few points green tea extract manufacturers should keep in mind to popularize their brand and keep up with the competition.

  • Most green tea extracts come in the form of capsules. Although many people prefer capsules, there should be a raw powder form available for people who don’t want to swallow pills. The raw powder could come in a sealable foil to extend its life. The availability of capsules plus raw powder should help the brand become the top choice.
  • Green tea extract manufacturers need to provide the supplements without any extra ingredients. Since green tea contains caffeine, there should be a fixed amount of additional caffeine-induced in a capsule. People should be able to take the supplements without feeling jittery, and there should be a warning for people who are caffeine-sensitive to avoid taking them just before going to bed.
  • Green tea can affect metabolism even when lying on the couch or sleeping because of its thermogenic properties. The dosage of the green tea extract should be closely monitored and mentioned on the packaging. Recent research has shown that people consume 80mg to 3000mg of green tea extract per day. Green tea extract manufacturers should keep the dosage between 250mg to 750mg of green tea extract or instant green tea daily. 
  • Green tea extract supplements should make it easy for diet-conscious people to burn fat with the powers of EGCG. Research has shown that green tea extract can increase blood flow to the brain and lower blood pressure by 50%. Mixing the raw powder in half a cup of liquid should do the trick. It should be mentioned on the package that for this to take effect, a person needs to drink or take the capsules for at least a year. Moreover, people should prioritize this if they want to reduce cardiovascular risks and live a healthy and long life.
  • A lot of people also consume green tea as a fat-cutter. However, the importance of a proper diet and exercise should not be undercut. Since green tea contains high amounts of caffeine, it can aid in creating a healthy lifestyle, but it does not reduce weight by itself. Green tea manufacturers should ensure that proper diet and lifestyle are given the same importance as green tea extract. This also ensures that people are more willing to make green tea extracts a part of their daily life and do not hold the manufacturer accountable.

Sure, green tea extract provides nutritional benefits, but a supplement should be taken as a supplement. Manufacturers should always keep in mind not to rely on the extracts instead of eating protein-rich food and always exercise caution while taking them.

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