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Running a practice comes with a number of challenges that can be difficult to predict. As a physician, you are trained to manage some things like the clinical side. However, practice management requires a whole other kind of expertise. So, how do you get ahead and manage your practice? While some may opt to hire experts, you can also use technology.

So, what can technology offer in this field? When you look at Greenway software, you can see some of the benefits immediately. The software was built to assist physicians as they manage their work. This is because it helps to automate and finesse a lot of the work carried out at practices. This helps them improve their efficiency overall and generate revenue.

What Does An EHR Do?

EHR is an acronym for the term electronic health record. This is software used to tackle patient records and other tasks at practices and healthcare facilities. EHR is a modern tool designed to organize the work that is carried out at such practices. Typically, they can carry out features designed to operate in the clinical, administrative, and billing settings.

Practice Management Tools In Greenway EHR Software

So, you may know what having an electronic record can do for you. Now, it’s time to move on and discover what Greenway software has to offer. As mentioned above, having software like this can make practice management really easy. These are the five features that can assist practices who are using Greenway to manage their work.

Effortlessly Schedule Appointments

Managing patient appointments is a hallmark of practice management and can make or break your practice. Manage appointments well, and you can see more patients and manage your work efficiently too. However, if you don’t manage your appointments in the right way, you may leave patients feeling frustrated and confused.

This may lead to more missed appointments and even issues like double booking showing up. So, what can be done to prevent this? The Greenway software centralizes all of the appointments and places them on one calendar. All the schedules are updated based on when the physicians are free. You can also book visits in a quick and efficient way.

Connect With Patients

Another aspect that you have to consider when managing a practice is to make sure your patients are satisfied. What can happen is that engaged and satisfied patients become more active in their own care. This leads to better outcomes for everyone. It is also important for patients to have a secure means to contact you in case they encounter issues.

When you get Greenway, you also get the chance to get a patient portal with the software. This enables patients to sign into their own accounts. They can then do a number of things – request appointments, pay their bills, and see their health data. They can even reach out to you and you to them, to enable an environment of open communication.

Verify Patient Eligibility

Patient eligibility is an interesting tool offered by Greenway software. This helps you make sure that patients have the right kind of insurance that can cover their healthcare. This is a very important step as it can help you be prepared for when the time for billing comes. This is because an eligibility check helps you understand what kind of statements to create.

So, how do you get an eligibility check done? You can actually make it happen as a priority when you use Greenway. The software carries the eligibility check in just a number of days. The information is then sent over to you. This can be carried out before the patient even comes to the practice and makes claim management easy as well.

Automate Revenue Generation

We are all prone to making mistakes, however, some errors can have huge ramifications. For example, when you are maintaining a billing profile, mistakes can have a lot of impacts. Therefore, one of the key methods to improving revenue generation is automation. Luckily, Greenway has just the right tools to make automation an incredibly easy thing.

Following up with bills sent out to patients can be a hassle and more. It is incredibly time-consuming to constantly have to check if bills have been paid. Therefore, the process is automated with Greenway software. The software tackles the process of reminding patients about outstanding dues. It also keeps track of unpaid bills so you don’t have to.

Convert Speech to Text

One of the features that can be added on when you get Greenway has to do with documentation. This is an incredible and powerful tool that can really make a difference in time for physicians. Instead of having to record each visit with a patient, listening to the recording, and transcribing, you can use an amazing speech-to-text feature.

This tool can be used directly during patient visits. You can have all the information automatically converted to text and added to the note. Now, all of the patient notes will have accurate information. And, a major plus point is that it does not require any additional interference from your end. You don’t have to stay back after work to finish notes.

Is Greenway EMR Software The Right Choice?

The question you may be left with after reading through this article is if Greenway software is the right choice. Without knowing anything about your practice or workflow, that is a difficult question to answer! However, there is someone who already knows all about your practice. That person is you! Ultimately you have all of the information to know the answer.

However, if you are feeling confused, there are things you can do to make sure you make the right choice. For one, we definitely recommend taking a look at Greenway software reviews. These will help you see how other practices felt after using the software. It also helps you know what the pros and cons of the software are.


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