Bitcoin’s losses appear to be less than those of other of its main crypto competitors. Cardano (ADA), the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has declined over 11% in the last seven days to around $ 1.15. In the last week, some cryptocurrencies like dogecoin , Cardano, chainlink  in the top 50 digital assets have lost between 15 and 30 percent of their value. 


There don’t appear to be any big forces driving the current decline; instead, it appears to be a natural reaction to overall market conditions. The crypto market has been on a downward trend since January 6. Below are three tokens from the top 50 cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Chainlink , Litecoin and Dogecoin. that have underperformed Bitcoin in a short seven-day period.  Do you look forward to check with cardano price prediction for 2022 and beyond ?




The Aave pricing research found a highly volatile market, with bitcoin’s price becoming increasingly susceptible to rapid swings on either side. 


In 2021, the AAVE token has increased by roughly 61 percent. The token has lost more than 23% in the last seven days. The token has recently fallen below the $200 threshold. The Aave price study suggests that the cryptocurrency is on a downward trend, with major devaluation occurring in recent days. The price has been continuously declining, and it is now at $205, more than 20 percent down from its previous high of $250.


With these ongoing hypes , people check with queries like will dogecoin ever go up  and a price speculation of  BAT  Price Prediction ? May be these altcoins are lesser know but  the hypes around these coins is amazes and influences the rallies here and then after.


Axie Infinity


The price of Axie Infinity is continuing to fall as profit-taking in the metaverse and gaming token area continues. Additionally, worries, uncertainties, and doubts in the broader cryptocurrency market influence near-term price behaviour. AXS was trading at roughly $4 per share in June of last year. The trading rate for the token had reached an all-time high of more over $160 by mid-November. The coin has been steadily losing value since the beginning of December, eventually shaving nearly $50 off the AXS price. The currency is now trading at $70.




IOTA has been steadily declining since peaking at over $2.70 in early April, in line with the broader industry. IOTA gained greatly from the cryptocurrency market’s meteoric rise in 2017, going from roughly $ 0.20 to $ 5.80 by December. With the rest of the crypto market, the price eventually fell and drifted sideways for two years. Price has changed in lockstep with the whole market, particularly Bitcoin, which has dropped significantly from its recent highs. Currently, the price is inches above the critical $1  mark.


Conclusion :

With ongoing market volatility , it is always advised to hodl  and do not nurry in terms price speculations.Always to your own research and do not fall prey to any of the scam and price manipukations.

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