As 4Bulls is now gaining momentum and growing in popularity (shortly after its launch of the 4Bulls Crypto Price Prediction tool), the 4B token price went up, and many centralized exchanges (including Binance) are now considering listing the 4Bulls token.

Binance Listing Requirements

As per the Binance mandatory requirements, each project must regularly update its progress to the community. 4Bulls meets the Binance requirements, which makes us believe that the 4B token listing on Binance is imminent. Let’s hope that times won’t last long before we witness a new headliner on the most popular centralized crypto exchange.

4Bulls (4B) Token

Over the past year, the 4Bulls token (4B) price soared over 4x. Most of the volume came from the Uniswap DEX. Some experts predict that if the 4Bulls company continues developing its product at the current speed (at this moment, the platform has over 400k monthly visitors), we may expect a massive bull run of the 4Bulls token (4B) in 2022. Binance is just the next logical step in the journey of the 4Bulls team.

Some experts predict that the price of the 4B token will reach $10 before 2023. The hopes and expectations are high. Let’s see where the future takes us. 4Bulls certainly seems like a promising player within the crypto field.

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