Re-raise with people when you have a position.

If you’re in position and have a flush draw on the flop, it’s a good idea to rise often, if not always, when your opponent bets. That way, you will often be able to see the river without investing any more money, and you will be able to continue betting comfortably when the flush is complete.

In tournaments, the best choice is to fold.

Your best bet is to fold is a phrase that is applied far more often in 온라인홀덤 tournaments than in cash games. If you have an average stack in a freeze out tournament, only play really good hands. Other players will devour each other and improve your ranking. Of course, you have to keep checking your stack and the stack size of your opponents while playing, but in tournaments, you can be eliminated with one wrong play. Of course, if it was eliminated with a cooler, there is nothing to be done, but other mistakes should be eliminated.

Make sure the nut is straight.

I’ve seen a lot of players, especially amateurs, who lose big pots to higher straights. Even if you have the highest straight on the flop, you need to make sure the river is the same and watch out if your opponent comes out too strong.

Don’t dwell on the past.

Do not misunderstand. It means don’t dwell on the past. After the hand is over, forget everything you could have won or not and think about the next hand. Of course, you have to learn things from the past hands and keep the experience, but if you continue to be proud of your wins and keep thinking about your losses, you are bound to make mistakes in the next hands.

Find reasons to fold rather than call.

Many players find reasons to call in situations where they shouldn’t. But in reality it is correct to look for reasons to fold the other way around. Remember, poker is a marathon, not a 100-meter run.

 Don’t bet and rise.

When you play multi-table, you try to make the pot bigger without thinking deeply with a rather strong hand. But don’t forget that almost every hand is likely to lose, and even the flops have a good chance of being reversed. Even if it’s not up to the river, it’s not too late to increase the pot after checking the turn.

Don’t give up if you don’t have a stack.

It doesn’t matter how little chips you have left. If you play carefully and don’t give up until the end, you may find a hole to come back to life. If you’re just going to give up, reburying or just getting up is a way to save money.

Stop the Tournament Levi.

There are players who continue to rebuy because the money they have already invested is not worth it. Especially in live tournaments. In the case of online, it would be beneficial to just join another tournament and start over, even if it’s live, there are times when you have to wait for the next opportunity. If you’ve lost your cool due to the continuous Levi’s, there’s no point in doing any more.

Get your hand strength right.

One Pair is the second hand from the bottom after High Card in the hand ranking. Among them, the top pair is one pair after all. Don’t risk your life on one fair hand. Catch your opponent’s bluffs with a top pair, or compare how much you win from calling station opponents to how much you lose by failing to fold. Don’t overdo it with top pair.

Don’t be afraid to bluff.

Getting caught while bluffing isn’t a good thing, of course, but you shouldn’t be too afraid. When a bad hand is shown to your opponent, your opponent will know you can play recklessly, so you can create a lot of opportunities through it.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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