Do you want to launch your course online?

 Aren’t you nodding your head?

 So, if you are serious about launching your online courses, the first thing that you would need to do is to choose an LMS platform. It is one of the most crucial decisions if you want to set up your online institute because the success of your institute would majorly depend on the platform that you have chosen. Therefore, make sure that you choose the best platform.

 In this blog, I will share the top 4 LMS software that you can choose to launch your online courses.

 You can hire professionals to create your institutes’ website & mobile application but it is quite difficult & expensive. As you will have to have a team who will take care of all the technical aspects.

Top 4 LMS Software

1- Spayee

Spayee is a leading Indian saas-based LMS software. Initially, it was launched as an ebook platform but now it has evolved as the leading LMS software. They will help you in building your institute’s white-labeled mobile application as well as website. Their basic plan starts from Rs. 2999 & the highest goes up to Rs. 17999. They provide all the advanced features even in their basic plan.

 If you choose their basic plan you can launch an unlimited number of courses with an unlimited number of learners. You can also integrate 3rd party tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, Pabbly Connect & many others. The best part about Spayee is that it has multiple payment options. You can receive the payment via Paytm, Instamojo, Razorpay, Paypal, PayU & Stripe.

 Spayee is a saas-based product that has been built by keeping in mind all the needs & requirements of their course creators. Their customer says that Spayee has the best customer support team because in case of any issues they either get a solution or an update.

2- Podia

Podia is also an amazing course-hosting platform. You can create & sell your online courses as well as digital products like eBooks, templates & PDF on Podia. Podia helps you in launching interactive multimedia courses.

 Podia’s basic plan starts at $39 per month & the highest plan goes up to $179 per month. They will help you in building your online course website. You can remove the podia’s branding if you are on their highest plan. This means that you won’t get the white-labeled website in their basic plan.

3- Teachable

When it comes to teaching online, teachable is also one of the best alternatives. You can create, launch and sell your online courses on teachable very easily. If you want to begin your journey as an online coach, you can choose their basic plan. It will cost you $39 per month but, you will have to pay 5% fees per transaction over & above the monthly charges.

 In case, if you want to begin with 0 investment, you can sign up for their free plan. You can enroll unlimited learners but you will have to pay $1 + 10% fees per transaction.

4- Thinkific

Thickific is also a very good option if you are planning to launch your online courses. Their basic plan will cost you $49 per month & the advanced plan will cost you $499 per month. Thinkific provides amazing features to its creators like priority support, certificate & live lessons but, you can get these features only in their pro plan which you can get at $99 per month.

 Thinkific is a bit expensive if compared to the other 3 options mentioned above. So, if you are ready to make huge investments, you can definitely go for Thinkific.

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