ASP NET MVC vs ASP NET Core – Since its introduction in 2002, the ASP.NET framework has become an evidently common programming framework to use in today’s world. Before this, ASP.NET was split into a few diverse sub-frameworks, including ASP.NET Web Pages, ASP.NET Web API, and the most commonly used framework: ASP.NET MVC. However, the launch of ASP.NET Core unifies the previous sub-frameworks into one programming model. As a result, the frameworks of ASP NET MVC vs ASP NET Core are quite different from each other.

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Microsoft has terminated the development of ASP.NET MVC, hence leaving many developers to wonder whether they should keep up with ASP.NET MVC or migrate the applications to ASP.NET Core. Therefore let us discuss ASP NET MVC vs ASP NET Core and which one is more apt for you.


ASP.NET is a development framework essential for creating dynamic websites as well as web-based applications. Hence the framework is extremely flexible and powerful. Moreover, it offers you a strong feature with some very powerful tools. It is all because of a wide range of engine support. In addition to this, ASP.NET MVC applications are unbelievably convenient to deploy on Windows-based devices. The arc is based on three layers which include: Model, Controller, and View.


Model is the most essential and significant component of the application. It exists independent of the user interface. Moreover model acts as a dynamic data structure. Therefore, it is vital to manage the rules, data, and logic of an application.


A controller specifically accepts the user input. It then uses it for modifying the model or even the view assuming it for input validation.


View specifically refers to any kind of representation for the data. However, in a web application context, the view is a visual component for the user interface. Therefore, it can be changed on the basis of a data model and user input.


ASP.NET Core was designed specifically for unifying the most significant ASP.NET components under such a framework. Moreover, unlike the former ASP.NET components released with various other licenses, ASP.NET Core is a completely open-source framework. Hence by avoiding dependence on Windows .NET Framework libraries, ASP.NET Core is undoubtedly designed to be at the top. Hence it lets ASP.NET Core apps deploy on macOS or even on Linux-based servers or devices.

ASP NET MVC vs ASP NET Core: which one is suitable for you?

When to select ASP.NET MVC?

If you are already working with a developed app and aiming to expand the functionality, ASP.NET MVC is significant for you. Moreover, you will need a team that has knowledge of ASP NET. In addition to this, you need to know that applications on ASP.NET MVC only deploy on Windows-based servers and devices. If you prefer to work using a mature and well-known framework, it is definitely a good choice for you.

When to Pick ASP.NET Core?

If you prefer working with a fully open-source framework, you should pick ASP NET Core. It is because you get to deploy your application on any OS. Moreover, your application framework will have a long-term development roadmap ahead.

ASP NET MVC vs ASP NET Core: Perspective for a Developer

ASP.NET MVC allows developers to abandon reliance on developing web applications. By using knowledge of the .NET Framework, you can always improve the coding for web applications by using the Microsoft software stack.

 ASP.NET MVC has brought Microsoft’s development in line with the latest trend for server-side applications. It eventually became a web app revolution that everyone enjoys today. Hence it was a very indispensable step to take. It has transformed into a strong framework that will be useful in the upcoming years to come. You can get your Asp Net Mvc Hosting from Navicosoft since we provide you best hosting at a reasonable price.

What will come next?

ASP.NET Core, the new version, aims to once again take Microsoft’s web development in line with the evolving trends. Hence it is essential to keep up with the latest technology and create a framework that can eventually grow. However, thanks to its age and reliance on things like OS-specific frameworks and closed source components, ASP.NET MVC had serious limitations that would become more difficult to overcome with time.

It is specifically because of the active developer community and extensive documentation that ASP.NET MVC is still a strong choice for the developers. There are still developers who don’t concern about deploying on non-Windows devices. Hence it is a safe choice for developers who want to wait for ASP.NET Core to mature before migrating.

 ASP.NET Core is an underlying .NET Core powerful framework that is extremely scalable. Hence it will improve over time and succeeding in the development. Moreover, it is fully open-source for the developers having flexibility and expansion of unparalleled opportunities for relying on closed source components. The OS doubtful nature of .NET Core means that you can deploy ASP.NET Core applications on more than one device and servers, including routers and IoT devices that usually operate on Linux.

Which version of ASP.NET you select for your application development shows that the future is very bright in significance with corporate and best community support. If you are searching for the best Asp Net Hosting and are tired of any limitations with your web hosting account, you can opt for Navicosoft unlimited Asp Net Mvc hosting package to enjoy an easy and smooth setup.

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