Zaidi Ali, in full Ali Imran Zaidi, (born, September 27, 1994). Ali Zaidi’s

Age is 28 years old. He studied BSC International Business management runs his

father legacy in business community and is an extra ordinary athlete.

He’s known as one of the youngest real estate developer and entrepreneur.

He’s Under-19 Ex-Football Player, Badminton and a pretty good professional


But this entire introduction is just a tiny little thing as compared to his cricketing


Ali Imran Zaidi is a well-known professional cricketer of Pakistan & UAE.

Playing Style:

Ali Zaidi is a top order dashing batsman and a right arm finger spin bowler, He’s

known as one of the best fielder in the circuit.

He’s represented: Pakistan customs, SSGC, Islamabad, Desert loins, MGM, UAE

juniors and plus few side matches for the national side.

Ali’s played numerous of leagues around the globe.

Few are: Quaid e azam trophy, Bukharin League, T20 Champions league, Grade II,

Ramadhan cups and a lot more.


As Businessman:

Ali Imran Zaidi is known as the youngest real estate developer and entrepreneur.

He is the Owner of SAMRA Group which is an international construction and

developing organization.

His projects include the centre point, the royal gate enclave and the group

constructed over 100 projects.


As Individual:

Ali Zaidi is known for extra ordinary fitness, body shape, styling and looks.

That is the reason for his social media stardom.

He has over 30k followers on Instagram and on the other platforms as well.

User handle of Ali’s social media pages is iamaz14

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