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According to the car repair at home in Delhi, an air conditioning check is absolutely necessary before the spring and summer seasons. How much does it cost, what is it, and what procedures can the driver perform by themselves? So today, we will tell you how to take care of efficient air conditioning and guarantee travel comfort.

In this article, you can read about an air conditioning check and how to take care of it: 

The summer heat creates ideal road conditions. Moreover, albeit safety is a key factor while traveling, it is also worth considering… comfort. And surely, the essential element in the car in summers is efficient air conditioning. Air conditioning service before spring, therefore, becomes an important part of service.

Can I drive on air conditioning all year round? Yes, and you must!

Before we consider the review, however, it is worth mentioning a few operational aspects. So, contrary to popular belief, air conditioning must be performed practically all year round. In winter or spring, the component will focus on dehumidifying the air. Why is this necessary? Because thanks to this, for example, the windows will not fog up, and the driver will be able to see more and also drive safer.

Driving on air conditioning all year round is an essential factor from another point of view. It also indicates taking care of efficient air conditioning. If the AC is not utilized in a wet season, it can easily start to corrode. Rust starts forming on compressor clutch parts. In addition, fungi develop much slower in the working system, which creates an unpleasant smell in the cabin after a few months’ break.

Air conditioning check: what is it?

Air conditioning inspection involves several procedures. At the initial stage, the mechanic inspects the compressor and checks the passenger compartment’s efficiency. Then it connects the service station to the air conditioning system – it sucks up the coolant, weighs it and controls whether its loss can be deemed natural or resulting from leakage. The next step is pressure testing of the system’s tightness and replenishment of the refrigerant level. Moreover, the dryer filter needs to be replaced after every two years.

The final step in the air conditioning inspection is disinfection of the ventilation ducts and replacing the pollen filter. Disinfection can be performed in one of two ways. The first process is to use chemicals. Alternatively, an ozone generator can be used for the same purpose.

Air conditioning check: how much does it cost?

Air conditioning inspection ranges from a few hundred to thousands. However, such an amount is covered by the control activities and disinfection – such a process should be repeated once a year. Additionally, the car owner has to cover the expenses related to replacing the pollen filter and the refilling of the cooling agent. Complementing the factor should be repeated on average once every 2-3 years using online car booking Delhi.

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