JVT Villas

The JVT Villas is a housing development on Sheikh Zayed Road, one of Dubai’s main thoroughfares. The majority of the housing stock consists of modest single-family homes and duplexes with backyards. The triangle’s periphery is being developed for housing. Nearby Jumeirah Circle is where you’ll find larger Jumeirah Village Triangle Villas.

Small jvt villas for sale and townhouses with one or two bedrooms are available. Because all of the homes have large gardens, they are ideal for simple, down-to-earth families. The nearby Jumeirah Village Circle offers five-bedroom Jumeirah Village Triangle villas for those who need more space.

Only four or five of the planned high-rise buildings in the triangle have been constructed, and while some medium-rise buildings have been completed (some are on hold), the majority have yet to be developed.

JVT Villas

JVT Villas Features

  • Located in the Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai is at the northern end of the peninsula.
  • It’s a quiet, private space with a fresh, peaceful ambiance.
  • There are over 5,000 residences here, all of which feature a wide range of modern amenities.
  • While it does provide apartment complexes, most of its properties are townhouses and jvt villas.
  • Using the land is completely free; however, it can be rented out for an additional fee.
  • There are a variety of amenities in the area, including well-known schools, retailers, shops, gyms, and salons.
  • There are no restrictions on bringing pets.
  • The city offers a wide range of outdoor activities for residents and visitors alike.
  • Nine parks and five tennis courts and several basketball courts can be found here.

JVT Rental & Sales Property Detail

In light of Dubai’s expanding real estate market, JVT, a Nakheel Properties development, is well-known for rentals and condos for expats as well as locals. The neighborhood’s geometric layout is based on a three-point triangle of settlement. The municipalities’ housing units vary in size, configuration, and price, and are arranged into nine distinct neighborhoods. While most of the towns and villages are scattered throughout the region, there are also several apartment complexes. More than 5,000 luxurious Jumeirah Village Triangle villas and townhouses, which are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.

There are 1 and 2 bedroom townhouses, as well as 2 bedroom villas. Single-family villas with two bedrooms range in size from 6,500 m2 to 8,000 m2. As a result, homeowners are updating and upgrading their jvt villas to 6-bedroom residences.

JVT Villas Rental Price Range

The following are the typical jvt villas for rent:

  • AED 35k gets you a studio apartment.
  • AED 50,000 gets you a one-bedroom apartment with a balcony.
  • AED 75k for a two-bedroom apartment.
  • AED 94k for a three-bedroom apartment.
  • AED 80k for a one-bedroom villa.
  • AED 120k for a two-bedroom villa with a pool.
  • AED 130k for a three-bedroom villa with a private pool.
  • AED 170k for a four-bedroom jvt villas with a pool.
  • This villa has five bedrooms and is priced at AED 180k

JVT Villas Sales Price Range

The following is a breakdown in property of jvt villas for sale:

  • AED 400k for a studio apartment in Dubai.
  • AED 600k gets you a one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom.
  • AED 900k for a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • AED 1500k for a 3-bedroom apartment.
  • Apartment with two bedrooms: AED 2000k
  • AED 2200k for a three-bedroom villa.
  • AED 3 million gets you a four-bedroom jvt villas.
  • 3300k for a five-bedroom villa

Final Words

Although there is some daily traffic noise, the neighborhood is generally very quiet. Unless the office or apartment faces a construction site, there will be very little construction noise.

Jumeirah Village Triangle villas are quite beautifully designed with stunning style. People who are staying here already are happy with astounding amenities. If you are planning to move jvt villas, then Binayah Real Estate Company Dubai has more for you that you have to know. We will show you more properties too for your easiness. You can visit our website too for further detail.

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