In the market for motherboards in particular, ASUS is a well-known brand in the computer hardware sector. For their dependability, effectiveness, and longevity, ASUS motherboards are renowned. According to ASUS, it is now feasible to purchase premium motherboards at competitive prices due to the increase in demand for gaming and high-performance PCs. In this post, we’ll look at where to buy ASUS motherboards in India and how much they cost.

There has been an upsurge in demand in recent years for inexpensive motherboards that provide good value. For customers who wish to create a bespoke Computer without paying a lot of money, inexpensive motherboards are perfect. These motherboards frequently have simple features and specs, yet they are dependable and function well.

One of the most crucial things to take into account when selecting a motherboard is the cost. Motherboards may be purchased for a variety of budgets, from low-cost alternatives to high-end, premium versions. A motherboard’s price is often influenced by its features, specs, and brand.

ASUS Motherboards: A Quick Overview

ASUS is a multinational Taiwanese firm that produces computer hardware and electronics, with a focus on motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and other parts of the computer. ASUS is known for making dependable, high-performance motherboards of the highest caliber.

Price Range of ASUS Motherboards in India

From affordable alternatives to high-end premium motherboards, ASUS provides a large selection of motherboards at various price levels. The cost of ASUS motherboards in India varies based on the model, extras, and other factors. Nonetheless, ASUS motherboards are often inexpensive in India, making them available to a larger market.

Where in India can I get ASUS motherboards?

In India, ASUS motherboards are easily accessible both online and offline. Some of the top stores in India to purchase ASUS motherboards are listed below:

Online retailers: Popular e-commerce sites in India that offer ASUS motherboards include Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall. They provide a broad selection of ASUS motherboards at affordable rates, along with quick and dependable shipping alternatives.

ASUS India Online Store: Customers may purchase ASUS motherboards directly from the manufacturer through ASUS India’s official online store. A large selection of motherboards, including premium versions and the newest models, are available at the ASUS India online store.

Local Computer Stores: Purchasing ASUS motherboards in India is also a wonderful alternative through local computer stores. These shops give a tailored shopping experience to professionals who may offer suggestions and advice based on your individual requirements.


With a variety of models to pick from that meet all needs and budgets, ASUS motherboards are quite affordable. Gamers and computer enthusiasts may construct powerful PCs without breaking the bank, thanks to the affordable ASUS motherboard price in India. ASUS motherboards are a dependable and high-performance alternative for creating a custom Computer, regardless of your level of skill. See the several ASUS motherboards that are offered in India to see which one best meets your requirements.


By Russell Crowe

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