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Most women like to have sleek, shiny, and curl-free hair. Not only does it enhance beauty, but straight hair also helps in making your style statement for every special occasion. If you are one such woman looking for a permanent hair straightening treatment in hyderabadhere is all you need to know before opting for any hair straightening treatment or repair.

Whether you have curly or silky hair, there are different ways to get it straightened.  But, do you know the different types of permanent and temporary Hair straightening treatment available in Hyderabad? If not, below is the detailed information of the same. Please have a look at them before heading to the salon to avoid any regrets later.

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

What is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Also referred to as ‘protein treatment ‘and ‘Brazilian blowout’ is a chemical hair straightening treatment used to reduce frizz caused in the hair and adds a shiny look to your hair. Keratin is a natural protein in human hair. It is the major protein that protects hair and keeps it healthy. 

 Why opt for a Keratin Treatment?

Due to the increased pollution, temperature, and change in the lifestyle, the Keratin content reduces. This results in a dry, damaged, and dull which no woman would love to look at. To add the lost keratin amount to hair and recover it to normal, Keratin treatment can help. The main motto of any Keratin treatment in Hyderabad is to restore and enhance the hair’s keratin levels.

How is the Keratin Treatment done?

  • First, the hairstylist washes your hair to remove any dirt inside it
  • Then they use a blow dryer to remove the moisture from the hair
  • Once the hair is completely dried, Keratin solution is applied, and the hair is rested to set
  • Then the hair is again blow-dried, followed by a flat iron to seal the solution completely

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

  • The hair becomes more manageable as it turns out to be smoother post-treatment
  • Keratin treatment coats the hair strands and thus protects them from sunlight and pollution
  • Keratin makes hair strands more resilient to breakage and strengthens the entire hair
  • The treatment is not permanent and lasts only three to six months based on the type
  • The treatment is less damaging when compared to treatments of a similar kind

Hair Rebonding Treatment

What is a Hair Rebonding Treatment?

As the name depicts, hair rebonding is a hair straightening treatment in Hyderabad often used to straighten the hair permanently. It is a chemical straightening method that changes the hair’s natural texture and replaces it with a smooth surface.

Why opt for a Hair Rebonding Treatment?

 Human Hair is made up of a lot of proteins. All the proteins are interconnected to give hair a curly and wavy structure. At times due to lack of proteins, the structure may be disturbed and results in curly hair. It is precisely where hair rebonding steps in. Hair rebonding helps in restructuring the hair bonds and thus helps in growing straight and frizz-free hair.

 How is the Hair rebonding treatment done?

  •   First, the stylist washes your hair with a mild shampoo to clean the scalp and remove the dirt.
  •   To dry the hair immediately, the stylist uses a blow-dry.
  •  The hair is then made into several sections to ensure that every strand is separated.
  •  Every strand of the hair is now coated with a relaxant, and the hair is rested for about 30 minutes.
  •  Based on the friskiness of the hair, the relaxant might be relaxed for more than 30 minutes.
  •  Done with resting, the hair is then steamed by using steaming tools.
  •  Once the stylist steams the hair, he rinses your hair and blows dries it.
  •  Now, Keratin solution is applied to the hair to reset the new bonds formed due to the relaxant applied.
  • A neutralizer is now applied to stabilize the bonds. The hair is rested for about 30 minutes again and blow-dried finally to finish the process.

 Benefits of Hair Rebonding Treatment

  • The treatment results in a smoother and shinier hair 
  • The effects of the treatment last as long as there is the growth of hair. But, it is always better to touch- up for every 3 to 6 months
  • Once done with the treatment; you can be free from the regular hair hassles of hairstyling
  • You can now be confident of maintaining irrespective of the weather conditions

Conclusion: Whether you choose a Keratin or Hair Rebound straightening treatment in Hyderabad, always keep in mind visiting a well-certified salon and has experienced hair stylists who can guarantee you zero side effects of these straightening procedures. 


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