Indoor Plants

We all know how important indoor plants are for our life and our sustenance over the planet. Indoor Plants perform various functions which are necessary for the environment and the creatures living on this planet. Life is possible only because of the gifts of nature that we have received in abundance and have continued to use without making any efforts to grow them. However, this unwise use of resources has led to a decline in the availability of the resources and has also affected nature. So as creatures whose life is dependent upon the resources of nature, it becomes our duty to take care of these resources and make an attempt to save them or recreate them. One good way of helping nature to cure is to add greenery to the world which we live in. If you are worried about not having enough space for plants, you can still do your part by maintaining a small garden around your house or on the terrace itself. You can start online shopping for indoor plants and make a beautiful collection of plants that would help to bring positive changes to the environment.

Indoor Plants – Cornus kousa:

The genus of the Cornus family is worth considering for maintaining a small garden. Plants of this family are very slow in their growth and often grow as shrubs. Another name for Cornus kousa is kousa dogwood. Its dwarf forms are famous as the Dwarf pink or the Little poncho. One advantage of having them in your garden is that they also produce a berry-like fruit that can be eaten and some flowers of pink and white color. This indoor plants, along with the flowers, can add tons of beauty to your little garden.

Clematis Nelly Moser

One clever way of making the most of the use of a small space is to fill it with vining plants. Climbers such as the Clematis Nelly Moser work as a beautiful addition to gardens. They can climb the walls, doors, or fences. The striped flowers of Nelly Moser are an eye-catcher for everyone. This beautiful flower adds a tremendous amount of beauty to the plant, thus giving it the name of the queen of vines. The indoor plants grow across different varieties; thus, you can choose any variety of plant for your garden.


Rhododendron is a popular shrub that grows throughout the year. If you are creating a list to Order plants online, you must add the rhododendron as it will bless your garden with lovely blooms. They grow up to 6 feet. However, you can also find dwarf varieties of the indoor plants. One example of its dwarf variety is the Ginny GeeGee which grows only up to 3 feet. Rhododendron requires moist and well-drained soil.

Coral bells

The coral bells or Heuchera are a variety of perennial plants. The leaves are thick and woody. Heuchera grows across 37 different species. In America, people use coral bells for medicinal purposes as they act as a remedy for inflammation. The flowers can grow in various shades of pink, purple, and bronze. Corals bells grow to 13-19 inches in height. They are mostly placed at boundaries. The plant is blessed with amazing adaptive abilities as it can withstand every weather condition.

Oakleaf hydrangea

The oak leaf hydrangea is a variety of deciduous shrubs that have beautiful white blooms. These flowers can even be pink or blue. Its flowers start blooming around the onset of spring and flourish throughout the summers. The beautiful plant may grow up to 12 feet in height. It grows best under the heat of the bright sun. One must ensure the availability of a good amount of water for the plant.

The advantage of having a small garden is that it requires very low maintenance and turns you into being more creative as you look for ways to adjust more and more numbers of plants in a little space. You can buy indoor plants online and arrange them well in your little garden as they can spread anywhere, no matter how small space. All that plants need is a good amount of water, sunlight, and little care, and they will be good to grow.

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