Level Up Your Social Media Marketing With These Strategies!

Gone are the days when the first thing we did in the morning was brushed our teeth. Now we are more inclined towards waking up and picking up the phone! And businesses know that, especially the ones that have digitized themselves over the past decades. This is because businesses have seen a substantial increase in sales through correct social media marketing and you can too.


But just blindly following trends will not get you anywhere. To really increase your ROI (Return on Investment) through Social Media Marketing in Abu Dhabi, you must plan ahead of time and follow strategies that can get you faster conversions. We didn’t become one of the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Abu Dhabi, overnight. Here are some strategies we followed to bring Eighty Six Media to life.


  1. We planned content ahead of time.

Planning content in advance is what helped us stay ahead of the competition and keep our posts crisp, vibrant and highly engaging.


To ensure that we don’t just post for the sake of it, we first started off by studying what our target audience is consuming, what they’re liking, what they’re LOVING and what they’re skipping. By doing this, we had a clearer vision of what we want to put out there and how we want to strategize it.


To accurately plan your content ahead of time, you should also know your “WHY”.


Why are you posting the content in the first place?

Why should you post this content at frequent intervals?

Why will your audience stop and engage with your content?


By pinning these answers down from the very start, you’ll set your business up for success and stay consistent in all your Advertising agency in Abu Dhabi initiatives.


  1. We tracked our ROI regularly.

What really is Social Media ROI?


To put it simply, Social Media Return on Investment (ROI) is the combined time, effort and money that a business spends on social media marketing, in hopes of good leads, conversions and returns.


It may sound difficult to track something that cannot always be measured, but let us break it down to you.


– Determine a budget for social media marketing that will work for your business.

– Learn about the effects of your social media advertisements and how they’re working towards helping you gain more conversions.

– Identify and work on areas of your social media marketing strategy that can be improved.

– Pinpoint the aspects of your marketing strategy that are just not working for your business.


Other things you can track through algorithms, insights and softwares can be your target audience’s online activity, spending habits, etc. which can also help you have a better understanding of how well your ROI is working for your business.


  1. Be in the know-how.

Understanding your competition is important for every business, but more so if you are looking to run ads through social media. You must always be in the know-how of what your competitors are marketing, how they’re doing it and how your target audience is reacting to it.


If you are especially looking to run ppc marketing campaigns, it is important to do your research on what kind of ppc management services your competitors are opting for.


By having a good understanding of your competition, you will be able to create advertisement campaigns that stand out from the crowd and are unique in itself, thus increasing your views and in turn, your conversions.


  1. Don’t Compromise Your Creativity

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, we believe your consistency and authenticity is what will help you surpass your competitors and gain better ROI through Social Media Advertising.


Yes, your goal should be to stand out from the crowd and increase your conversions but don’t stray away from your creativity so much that it affects your branding negatively. Don’t compromise your creativity in terms of voice, tone and design when trying to follow trends or keep up with other businesses. Increasing conversion and ROI is most about being consistent with your marketing strategy.


  1. Be Open to Adjusting You Strategy

As opposed to our previous statement, you must also keep an eye out for marketing strategies that are not working for your brand. Something that you may find creative but your audience may not as much.


A rule of thumb to creating any piece of content is to ask yourself the following questions:


1) What am I creating?

2) How will this benefit my audience?

3) How will this benefit my business?


Once you have that narrowed down, it’s easier to create and update your strategy, making it more audience centric and generating more conversions.


In Conclusion, strategizing your social media content is a very crucial step and must never be missed or taken lightly. This is the foundation of your marketing efforts and a way for you to accurately generate better ROI through mass conversion and build fruitful relationships and connections. 

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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