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While studying in the USA is an exciting opportunity, it can really be hard on your wallet. You will not just have to worry about tuition fees but also about living costs, food, housing, and other basic necessities to enjoy a good lifestyle. Saving money in college may sound impossible, but it is totally doable if you keep certain points in your mind. You can also hire our assignment tutor for assignment writing help.

College is the best time to start leading an independent life. An independent life does not mean leaving on your own. It also means being responsible for your own actions and finances. Your goal should be to make your money last and spend it wisely. Let’s explore some great ways to manage your money properly and save money for later. As a college student, this may seem new to you, but it is essential for financial success.

1. Consider a community college

Tuition fees are going to be the biggest expense when you are studying in the USA. You will be saving thousands when you decide to attend a community college and then decide on getting transferred to a university. Your tuition fee at community college can range from $1,500 – $4,000 a year. On the other hand, the cost for a four-year college on university can range from $9,000 – $47, 000 or maybe more a year. This totally depends on whether it is a public or private school.

Community colleges tend to be very reasonable and are an excellent way of saving money. Most students with a tight budget prefer attending Seattle Central College for about 2 years and then they generally move on to the University of Washington, where they complete their degree and save approximately $4000- $7,000 each year.

2. Buy used items

Students graduate every year and leave out their dorms and apartments. You can save money using used items from the previous owner, like kitchen appliances, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. You may also use online networks like Facebook to stay updated when students sell used items at a cheaper price or just give away free things. You should use your network well to get exactly what you want.

3. Avoid eating out frequently

You want to socialize to make new friends quickly in college. Nobody wishes to spend their college life all by themselves, being isolated from others. Making friends will not be easy as some of them will already be friends in a group. Thus, students often start eating out regularly to socialise with their friends. If you make eating out to be a regular affair, especially if these are expensive restaurants, it is going to affect your overall budget. Also it w is not healthy to eat outside daily. Instead, you can utilise the dining hall meal plans of your school or cook your own meal at home. This will be less expensive and allow you to control your bad eating habit completely. Also, consider using all the coupons and shop sales items to save money. If you need assignment proofreading services then you should contact our assignment experts.

4. Transportation

Students living off campus who do not own a bike or a car spend quite a hefty amount on their daily transportation. Transportation prices can really be in your pocket. Thus it’s better to use public transportation that can help you save money on gas and fuel. It also helps you with getting adapting to the new culture. If you live close to your University campus, walking will be the best idea to save money and is also a healthier option.

5. Apply for part-time jobs

So you have taken a school loan, and you need to take on a part-time job to fulfil it. Options you can consider for working as a student are professor’s assistant, helping partners in the lab, tutoring for a subject or working in a cafeteria or at a grocery store. There is no job that is small when you are thinking of ways to earn extra cash for your college expenses. You can use this to spend money on rent, books, food and more.

6. Use apps to track your money

Apps like Personal capital and Simplifi can help you keep a track record of all your purchase. It will immediately let you know if you are going over budget. These apps will not just help you monitor all your expenses, but you will also be able to notice your spending pattern. Using the app, you will be able to know if there are any unhealthy spending habits, so you may cut back on these expenses and amend your budget accordingly.

7. Consider living with your friend

It will be best to look for a place closer to your school. Look for on-campus housing or any communal. Living with your friends can help you save money on rentals, groceries, electricity bills and other things. Also, you will not be feeling alone and have someone to celebrate events or just share stories of how your day went. You can help each other out by sharing duties like cooking, cleaning and washing.

8. Use student discounts

As a student, you will have access to a lot of exciting perks and exclusive discounts. Hence make sure to always carry your student ID at all times with you. The discount may not look big to you in the beginning, but you will save a substantial amount by the end of the year. Some places where you will receive student discounts include restaurants, movie theatres, tech companies like Apple, shopping centres and even insurance providers. On searching carefully, you will find cheaper options for plane tickets and can also avail discount with it.

9. Consider health insurance options

Health care is another pocket-biting expense in the USA. This is must have if you do not want to end up with lengthy bills after emergency medical admission. It is always wise to make medical insurance to acquire certain coverage. This is a great cost-saving option and helps you avoid expensive bills.


Pursuing higher education in the USA can be an excellent and life-changing opportunity, but it will be very expensive. If you do not budget properly, you will suffer badly financially. You must avoid impulsive buying habits to stay within your budget. Planning ahead with some money-saving tips can help you make smart purchasing choices in the future. Spending wisely can help you explore the world without spending a fortune.

AUTHOR BIO: Suzanne Taylor is a blog writer and mostly writes for students in the USA. She is also associated with, where he specializes in offering assignment writing help solutions to students.

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