5 Reasons That Prove Mattress Wedge Is The Best Choice For Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

Acid reflux (commonly known as acidity) is quite a common disease. About 30% of the people worldwide suffer from the same. Anta-acids, prescribed medications, over-the-counter medicines, and small lifestyle changes, most certainly, do help in reducing the heartburn and unpleasant irritation caused by the stomach acid. However, much to our dismay, not all of the aforesaid options provide permanent relief. 

A very simple and damn effective method of curing acid reflux is to use under mattress wedge. If you seek an inexpensive, reliable, and effective solution to cure GERD without medication, think of under mattress wedge as a stroke of luck. And that’s because a mattress wedge not only provides relief from acid reflux but also gives you a better night’s sleep. Using a bed wedge ensures that you do not wake up mid-night choking on stomach acid or feeling heartburn. 

Now you might want to know how a mattress wedge is the best choice for getting a better night’s sleep. I insist you stay and read on as we elaborate on the 5 reasons that prove why under mattress wedge is the best choice for GERD sufferers. 

What is Under Mattress Wedge?

If you’ve been suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease or acid reflux for a long time, chances are you already know about the wedge pillows. These triangular pillows that elevate your upper body while sleeping, are a great help to alleviate the dreadful tortures of acid reflux. Bed wedges are no different from wedge pillows. They are like a bigger version of the wedge pillows. 

While the pillows are to be kept under the head to elevate the upper body, under the mattress bed wedges are arranged under the mattress. Wedge pillows are helpful. I dare not contradict the benefits of wedge pillows. There are, however, a few benefits that make bed wedges a better choice. The mattress wedges are sturdy and height-adjustable. They remain intact and do not move while you sleep. They prevent the involuntary flow of stomach acid up the food pipe and throat. 

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Perks That Make Mattress Wedges the Best Choice

The following are 5 of the many reasons that prove mattress wedge is the best choice for getting a better night’s sleep.

  • Utmost Comfort: If the traditional bed gives you stiff neck every morning, consider switching to a foam bed wedge. It ensures you get best comfort while sleeping. A good bed wedge is height adjustable. It means you can always adjust how high your head elevates and sleep comfortably. 
  • Bid Farewell to Mid-Night Acid Reflux: There are days when you savor some spicy cuisine and suffer heartburn. Sitting up can reduce the irritation to a great extent but one cannot expect you to sit up and sleep all night. The mattress wedge raises your head and upper body in a way that prevents acid reflux and paves way for a comfortable night’s sleep. 
  • No More Snoring and Sleep Apnea: For so many people, the traditional pillows do not help in easing the snoring. A bed wedge, however, eliminates sleep apnea and snoring issues.
  • Cough and Post-Nasal Drip: The post-nasal drip can be a great hindrance to peaceful sleep. It can lead to severe cough and breathing issues. Elevating the upper body via under mattress wedge can be helpful.
  • Reduces Back Pain: For people suffering from frequent backache, a bed wedge can be a savior.  


By Russell Crowe

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