5 Excellent Tips to Identify the Best Email Writing Course Online

As professionals, we all want our workplace communication to reflect the best in terms of articulation, confidence, courtesy, and knowledge. Email writing is a non-negotiable skill to scale up the corporate ladder. Even for freelancers and entrepreneurs, your business prospects directly depend on how persuasive and appealing your emails are. If you are on the lookout for the best email writing course online, do take heed of the following tips:-

  1. Opt for a Course conducted by a Certified, Industry Professional

Especially in the wake of Covid-19, online courses have sprouted in every nook and corner. It is all the more important today for students and budding professionals to be discerning about the courses they choose. A sure-shot way to gauge the course effectiveness is by checking the credentials of the trainers. Do they have the required qualifications and know-how? What are their professional credentials? Are they seasoned experts with insightful inputs to share? These are some important questions you need to ponder upon.

  1. Identify an Email Writing Course Online that is Industry-Specific

Enrolling in a generic course will not give you optimal benefits. To imbibe the best email writing skills, always choose a course that is relevant to your career graph. For example, email writing for marketers is quite different from that of HR personnel, software professionals, hoteliers, and so on. The course module should be tailored as per your industry and department.

  1. Look for Project-Based Learning to Imbibe Skills in Real-Time

Rather than opting for sermon-style training sessions, try to opt for interactive courses that focus on practical inputs. With project-based email writing courses, you can practice, get your weak points identified, corrected, and queries resolved easily. The ideal course strikes the right balance between theoretical lessons and practical implementation. Live projects for assessment are a great way to deduce the course effectiveness.


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  1. Get a Preview of the Course Module and Objectives

The best email writing course online will always provide you with a detailed overview of the course module and objectives. Analyse the same carefully and decide whether these are aligned with your current professional goals. For instance, an email writing course for a beginner will differ from that for an intermediary or an expert.

  1. Opt for a Course that allows One-on-One Interaction, Feedback, and Queries Resolution

When it comes to online courses, learners are often hesitant to enrol owing to the lack of personal interaction with the trainer. Thankfully, many professional learning service providers and online learning platforms are bridging this gap today. There is ample scope for one-to-one queries resolution and feedback. In the present, highly competitive digital age, it is wise to avoid obsolete course formats and avail contemporary, relevant ones.


Enrolling in an email writing course online implies that you will be devoting precious time and money towards it. With the above tips in mind, it will be a lot easier to select the right training module. It doesn’t matter which career or niche you choose to pursue. Opting for a well-tailored, effective course will polish your written communication and elevate your professional gravitas for sure!


By Russell Crowe

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