5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Memory

Are you the type of person who gets up and goes to do a task, but after drinking a glass of water, sits idle, and then recalls the unaccomplished work?

If your answer is yes, don’t worry. I’m here to tell you the top five natural ways to boost your memory.

As we all know, The Prefrontal Cortex and Medial Temporal Cortex of the brain play their role in memory. The brain controls all our actions of moving and thinking, etc. So what we get from here is to strengthen our brain for the sake of memory boosting.


We should opt for natural procedures of improving memory because they leave a positive attitude in everyone. The top 5 natural ways to boost your memory are:

1. Food

The first natural way to boost our memory is food. It has a direct impact on our health by improving brain and body functions. The foods which are essential for boost our memories are:

  • Fish: Fish has omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acids, which help in building neurons. It’s also a kick start to deal with age-related mental decline.         
  • Nuts: Nuts have a surplus amount of fats that can cross the blood-brain barrier and provide energy to the neurons. Neuronal health is pivotal because once neurons are dead, there’s no way back to regenerate the neurons except stem cell therapy.


  • Broccoli: It makes the brain function better, a choice of low-calorie food for diet-conscious people.
  • Chocolates: They have enriched chemicals like antioxidants, flavonoids, and caffeine. Chocolates increase blood flow to memory processing areas of the brain and hence improve functions of the brain.
  • Less sugar intake: Sugar has detrimental effects on memory by causing inflammation in the brain. For memory sharpness, we should not eat processed sugar.

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2. Exercise

Exercise is the top-notch method to boost memory because eating healthy foods is not enough. The excess fats in food can make plagues in the heart, which leads to a short blood supply to brain cells which would affect memory.

So exercising is the method of dissolving those plagues and making us fit. Exercise reduces stress, anxiety, regenerates new blood vessels, and reduces insulin levels in the body. All the processes lead to better cognitive functions.

3. Enough sleep

If you’re a multi-task and are forgetting things, you should take a break for enough sleep. Sleep is helpful in the consolidation of memory as the brain finds some rest to process all the information you are feeding to it. So it’s the best way of boosting memory.

Taking a nap in the mid of the day is essential in boosting the memory and creativity of the person. Spare an hour for nap time. It would be effective for memory boosting.

4. Meditation

Meditation has prime importance in improving cognitive health. 20-30 minutes of meditation help to boost memory. The ways to meditate are

  • Yoga brings composure to the body and brain. Meditation helps to perform everyday tasks with mindfulness.
  • Walk barefooted on the grass in the mornings is the best way to meditate.
  • Music plays a role in enhancing memory.
  • Having a pet not only meditates but also fills us with pleasure. Playing with a pet secretes serotonin hormone in the brain, which is vital in memory and brain health.

5. Brain training

You can’t help neurons alive by taking in healthy food and exercising. For enhancing your memory and creativity, mind training is crucial. There are several ways of brain training. Some of them are:

  • Book Reading: It is well said, “Reading to mind is what exercise to the body is.” Reading trains the mind to absorb new ideas, meanings, and traditions. When you read a book, your mind absorbs so many things; neurons get activated and start secreting various growth factors. Growth factors are helpful in the survival of neurons by increasing their plasticity.
  • Gaming: Chess playing requires mindfulness, so it’s a form of brain training. For kids, LEGO is helpful in brain training.

Bottom line

Memory is essential for us as the memory-efficient person becomes dominant in the crowd. The above-mentioned natural ways help boost memory, make you innovative and sophisticated.


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