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Never stayed at one of the most important premises in India Chadar. During the main stops, the locality of Zanskar de Ladakh is strongly frozen and it seems to be Chadar (ice carpet). An unauthorized frozen ice sheet has received explorers and adventurers around the world in recent years, and a large number of years of many years in the past, generally famous and overwhelming and fascinating trip (you up to Chadar if you are taking Gander on your trip), please look at our agenda). The temperature of the locality while traveling can freeze the freezing point and must guarantee it even more by considering and it must be guaranteed and stable for a solid temperature.


 You need to know about Chadar Trekking. This is directly on your A-Z directly on your A-Z on the journey of Chadar. This guide has all the correct activities to guarantee the real health of pressing the right and more reasonable tips to prepare for your trip.

 Stream of seasonal Zanskar, which is more suitable for Trekking to Chadar , completely frozen at the beginning of January, and frozen from that point to 2 months. The ideal opportunity for Chadar Trek is from mid-January at the beginning of February. Make sure regular reports are continued with climatic conditions in the locality.

 Can I walk to Chadar? 

 Chadar is called the most problematic trip in India. At the temperature of 30 ° C to 30 ° C at 30 ° C without vital tolerance, the Dalle cover is consistent to risks to walk on ice and take a walk through the ice. It requires real grade health. I’m ready to be incredibly ready.

years of an adventurer of health, and who can travel to Chadar in front of him.

 Chadar Trek

 Required Travel Ratings from Chadar

 Chadar is known to test the psychological force of it, it certainly resolves the problem. This imagines the trip includes all kinds of climbing and branches, like the other Himalayas.  It will take a water route constantly frozen for approximately 56 hours. You will have to tell about 10 kg of the backpack.

 Luch health is very acceptable to finish Chadar Trekking.

 Adjustment for the Frozen River. The main thing you should do is evaluate your current health level. When you do this, you will have a wise idea about the measure of the effort you need to move to adapt to your trip. To plan

 Chadar Travel, you must guarantee that your brain and brain make your body. Here we work to help you reach the best level of well-being for the best welfare level for Chadar trips:

 1.Tep: Luna, Thurs

 Hours: 5 minutes- (Continuous 2.5 minutes * 2 Located on a break from 1 Minute between each game.

 This assistance: The weight of the press of gravity is an incredible cardiovascular exercise. The step-by-step climb strengthens the muscles around the knees, helps to make patience.

 2.Pushup: Monday, Thurs

 Hours: 5 * 2 Set (10) – (Rest between each set)

 This support set is strengthening the center helps assemble a more connected chest area. This activity is useful when you need to up while you are telling you The KNAP ZAC. 

 3.Squats: Moon, Thurs

 Programming: 5 * 2 sets (10) – (1 minute between each set)

 This support-Squat can be healthy. They advanced balance and security and strengthen the foot, thigh, waist, plow, and Spanish.

 4.Crunch: Tuesday, Gold

 Programming: 5 * 2 sets (10) – (Rest between each set)

 How to support it to develop the happiness of your center to your work. This activity helps you maintain your balance in the balanced area.

 5. Stretching: Tuesday, Gold

 Programming: 15 minutes- (60 seconds in order of a consistent consistent operating rate for 90 seconds)

 This help can be a soft cardiovascular exercise. More oxygen  This exercise helps you put your lungs on land.

 6.Burpees: Tuesday, Gold

 Hours: 5 * 2 sets (10) (1 minute between each set)

 How this help is the way it is believed that this help is prepared and useful is a decisive illustration of welfare. ABS, corpse store, chest, buttocks, helps the arms.

 7. Rest: Wed, Sat, Sun

 This support: Rest is the basic part of the health routine that should not be lost. The extractable can impose extra physical bodies in your body. 



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