Custom Eyeliner Boxes

They’re constructed from a thin, sturdy, and dark cardboard. You can use them to store your makeup, including your favourite pencils, crayons, mascaras, lipsticks, and more!

Save money and get organised with dedicated Custom Eyeliner Boxes. They are more aesthetically pleasing than carrying along numerous individual containers and look great displayed on a dressing table or vanity.

If you’re looking for custom eyeliner boxes, go no further; we supply only the highest quality materials, additions, coatings, and printing possibilities.

Eyeliner Boxes provide a plethora of materials to choose from.

We only use high-quality components in our custom eyeliner boxes. You may rest assured that you will find the ideal material for your boxes among the many options we provide. Glossy or matte finishes are available for a wide variety of box materials, including cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal. We also provide several coatings, like UV Coating, Matte Finish UV Coating, and more, to further safeguard your custom eyeliner boxes.

“Green” Kraft

Kraft paper, unlike other types of paper, is not coated and is not bleached. It is sourced from companies that have earned the FSC seal of approval. This guarantees that it was manufactured without the use of toxic chlorine and paper pulp from environmentally responsible sources. Since Kraft paper requires so little water during manufacturing, it leaves a small carbon footprint and is therefore considered environmentally benign.

Using Kraft paper is also good for the environment because its production uses significantly less energy than that of standard white or coated paper. There is also no need to employ potentially toxic chemicals like solvents in its production because it does not call for any coatings or other end-of-line finishing operations.


Cardstock is an alternative to traditional paper that is crafted from natural fibres like cotton and linen. Stationery goods like cards, invitations, greeting cards, photo albums, and more often have this pattern.

Cardstock paper comes in a variety of sheet sizes that can be purchased separately. Its surface is based on a strong fibre, making it suitable for long-term, frequent use. The standard colour for cardstock is a brilliant white, although some brands also offer options in iridescent hues. The United States Paper Exchange Program provides an eco-friendly option for recycling used paper.


The custom eyeliner boxes’ stiff material is useful because it acts as an additional layer of defence against any damage to the sensitive contents. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your eyeliner being damaged in transit.

We offer a variety of coatings and materials to ensure that your box will survive for many years.


Custom eyeliner boxes benefit from the corrugated material since it acts as a cushion between the product and the box. Consequently, you won’t have to fret over your eyeliner being damaged in transit. Our variety of materials and finishes ensure that your box will last for years to come.

Thread count linen

Some types of paper, known as “linen stock,” have a texture similar to that of linen on one side. Its textured, scratchy surface is perfect for note-taking and card-making. Linen paper, for example, is one type of finish that can be found on linen material. In appearance, it’s quite close to cotton paper, but its durability is more like to that of linen. And that’s just what makes it so ideal for Paper of this quality is appropriate for any event.


These sheets of paper are manufactured in bulk, then trimmed to the appropriate dimensions for use in box manufacturing. Both finished and unfinished versions are available. A protective coating over finished cardboard protects the material from moisture, grease, and other elements that could damage your items. If you want to add your own embellishments, like paint or stickers, then unfinished cardboard is the way to go.

Choose from stunning coatings.

In order to ensure the durability and longevity of your completed boxes, Eyeliner Boxes provides a number of coating options. Some of the coatings we offer are:


Just right for individuals who want cardboard’s raw look.


This coating is perfect for individuals who wish to add protection and shine to their cardboard, as well as other materials like cloth. Satin, for that polished, sophisticated look.

Eyeliner packaging with a matte finish

If you prefer your cardboard to retain its unaltered appearance, a matte finish is the way to go. It works well with a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss, satin, and others.

Eyeliner packaging with a glossy finish

Matte, gloss, satin, and other finishes can all benefit from a glossy coating. High-gloss protection that may be applied to a variety of substrates, including cloth as well as cardboard, is provided by the gloss finish. Those seeking an expert, high-class polish will find it suitable.

Send Out Your Eyeliner in Eye-Catching Boxes

Packaging eyeliner in a unique, personalised box can help make it stand out on a shelf. The custom art that may be added to it is beautiful. Having the brand’s name on the packaging makes the product more engaging, which in turn benefits the brand’s visibility. There are many different types of eyeliner, from gels to liquids, therefore it’s important to locate dependable personalised custom eyeliner packaging suppliers to store them safely. So, it keeps its original form and quality for a longer period of time. SirePrinting uses premium ink in their printing process, so the box comes out looking great. Cost-effective and useful in increasing a brand’s reputation in a given market, the Eyeliner Boxes we offer are available from us.

Custom Eyeliner Packaging that Lasts in Strong Boxes

Our Eyeliner Boxes are made to order, so we can guarantee that they will be of the highest quality possible. The production of goods in either Kraft or cardboard improves their value because of their durability, portability, sturdiness, and aesthetic appeal.

Appeal to Buyers with Elegant Packaging

Having a well-designed package is crucial if you want to make a sale in a society where people are taught not to judge a book by its cover. These bespoke Eyeliner Boxes were made with the customer in mind. A product’s value is negated if it is not presented in an attractive manner. All of our eyeliner packaging is made to bring joy to the owner as well as the customer. Take a look at your options and choose the one that works best for you with SirePrinting. We provide aesthetically pleasing Custom Lipstick Boxes, which help sell more lipstick by drawing in more customers with their eye-catching presentation. We promise to only ever use one-of-a-kind packaging. The unusual and unique style of our wholesale Eyeliner Boxes sets them apart. One fast motion is all it takes to grab the eyeliner and whisk it away from its perch. The credit for creating practical and aesthetically pleasing packaging for eyeliners goes to SirePrinting.

Designs That Catch the Eye

Customers today have little time to experiment with products before to purchase, let alone do extensive research. Therefore, it is the responsibility of merchants to include thorough product information on Eyeliner Boxes. The logo on your eyeliner packaging will be a lasting visual for your customers. Tailor-made eyeliner The best way to attract customers and keep eyeliner pristine is to sell it in packaging made of high-quality materials and printed in an eye-catching manner. It will shield the product from harmful elements and prolong its shelf life.

What makes Eyeliner Boxes from SirePrinting the best option

As business owners ourselves, we know how challenging the industry can be.

SirePrinting is delighted to be one of the greatest packaging printers in the business, and we’ve been doing it for decades. If you’re seeking for a business that truly cares about making your interactions with them stress-free, you’ve found it! A few reasons why you should pick us:

No of the size of your order, we’ll send it to you for free!


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