Dubai residents are required to possess a driving license. Once you’ve got a Dubai residency, temporary or international driving permits are not permitted. Certain nationalities, such as South Korea and South Korea, can request a local driver’s license by showing their current driving rights and filling in the required paperwork. Other applicants will have to learn to drive at approved centers like Belasis Driving Center, Dubai Driving Center, Emirates Driving Institute and Galadriel Motor Driving Center and take the test.

An International Driving Permit is required. Numerous well-known companies in Dubai like Avis Budget cheap rent a car dubai, Thrifty and. A temporary Driver’s License is required to permit the use of private vehicles. The temporary licenses issued by Dubai Traffic Police Station last for six months.

You can make an appointment with the Dubai Traffic Department to pass your driving test. After getting a residency visa, an ex-pat may purchase a car. The U.A.E. has a variety of dealers. Many big brands are sold by dealerships located in The U.A.E., with 4×4 and Japanese models being the most well-known. There are numerous locations to search for used vehicles, such as 4×4 Motors, Al Fustian Auto mall, Western Auto, and Sun City Motors. You can see the classifieds if you are looking for used cars in Dubai.

For a comfortable experience, you must be aware of your community’s traffic rules. It is essential to be cautious and aware when driving. The traffic is on the left, and you drive left-hand. Drivers who are slower should stay in the right-hand lanes. If you go on the left-most street at a slower pace, you will likely encounter a car that flashes high beams and honks the horn.

Drivers are known to change lanes without signaling. They may also slow down at stop lights instead of coming to a complete stop. Be alert for pedestrians, who are often seen rushing down the street. The Salk automatic toll mechanism has been set up to help reduce traffic on major roads.

It is recommended to place your car in the event of an accident so that you don’t block the flow of traffic. To file a police report, you must obtain the details of the other party and then immediately visit the nearest police station. If contacted by the police, they will typically immediately report the incident. Because it’s almost impossible to fix the damage with them, they’ll need them.

Mobile cameras are installed all over the Emirate to catch drivers who exceed the speed limit or run red lights. Drinking and driving are both rent car international city dubai. Any gesture, even the smallest, like an angry handshake or a hand gesture to the driver behind you, could put you in jail. If you’re fined, you won’t receive an email notification. Instead, you can visit the Dubai Police Traffic website or contact them directly.


Dubai is home to among the top road fatality rates around the globe. The Unified Federal Traffic Law has stricter penalties for drivers who are infractions to increase the safety of drivers on the roads. There are no fees for parking in Dubai. This can help you pay fees for Dubai municipal residence charges. Dubai Municipality charges a per-year fee that can be included in the utility bill.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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