Working principle of smoke detector_ where an emergency electrician should place the sensors?

Having a smoke detector within your home that can protect you and your family from any serious disaster is of vital importance. You can ensure the safety of your home by call out an electrician and letting him install a perfect smoke detector within your home. These detectors can save you from any big disasters or fires in any situation. It must be a legal practice in every home to have a good quality fire alarm or smoke detector installed at various locations.

You might be wondering how it actually works. So, here is a brief description of how a fire alarm warns you at the time of the fire.

Working principle of smoke alarm

In the fire alarms, there are multiple sensors inserted into them. these sensors are designed by either an ionization approach or putting the photoelectric as a detector. Both on detecting the smoke starts beeping. Whenever there is a fire ignited in the houses and smoke raises to enter these alarms, the sensors are activated. The ionization smoke detectors ionize the smoke air and the particles are converted to normal. This approach depreciates the current flowing in the chamber. As a result of which, the smoke alarm starts beeping and making alert noises in order to warn you that there is some problem in that specific area.

Where should the sensors be placed?

The smoke detectors are actually very convenient in order to ensure the safety of our homes. There are a few guidelines emergency electrician in Horsham suggests that will allow you to understand where to place a smoke detector for better benefits.

  • the smoke detectors should be placed in the areas like the kitchen, bedroom, and basement. Putting a smoke detector in the kitchen is necessary because the stove there provides more chances for creating a fire.
  • The smoke detectors should be preferably installed on the walls rather than on ceilings. For the higher ceilings, the smoke will take much time to reach its sensors. Keeping the smoke detector mounted at the wall 12inchs away from the ceiling is the best idea for a quick alarm.
  • Make sure not to mount the detector near some window or the air duct. The air passage can counter the smoke preventing it to reach the detector. Thus, it will take much time for the detector to beep and you will not realize the smoke until any big damage happens.
  • The best practice to make all the alarms alert about a devastating situation is to interconnect them. Interconnecting the alarms in the house can help you better in the recognition. Call out electrician for further useful tips you won’t regret.

How can I install a smoke detector in the kitchen?

People usually think that placing a smoke detector in the kitchen will make it beep because of the smoke arising from the stove. That’s not the case. It is vital to have a smoke alarm in your kitchen because most of the time fires are initiated in the kitchen. The best practice is to install the detector 10 feet away from the kitchen. Some people install it outside the kitchen but this is not encouraged much.

The smoke detectors are very helpful for you to understand the safety of your home. The emergency electrician in Horsham can help you install, repair, and maintain the fire alarm at the best-suited places in your home. The maintenance of these alarms is only checking the battery and replacing the old cells and checking if the sensors are working. You won’t regret installing a smoke detector in your home, as it doesn’t cost much and you don’t need to check over it again and again.  

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