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Chess, the game for royals, was mainly known as ‘Chaturanga’ in ancient India. It is believed that it originated around the 6th century CE and has gradually spread across East Asia to the middle-east and finally to Europe. When it gained popularity, it started spreading worldwide and eventually became known as Chess – The game of Royals. The game table chess must have a board and pointers to play. The most important thing is what materials should be used in Chess. Let’s find out.

Types of materials that are generally used for making Chess 

Several materials are used as raw materials. They are:





Porcelain and many more. 

But according to research, Wood is the most preferred material to construct a chess set.

The common types of Wood that are used for making a Chess Set –

  • Boxwood (Gardenia latifolia) is a light brownish-yellow coloured hardwood. Dense, robust and resistant to splitting and chipping, with excellent turning and carving properties. Mainly straight-grained with a remote interlock, an even texture and natural lustre. Moderately priced, Boxwood is easily stained, painted and treated in various ways and may be used for lighter and darker pieces and squares.
  • Maple (Acer saccharum) has off-white to cream colour, a subtle pinkish tint, and a fine, even texture. It may come with quilted, wavy and occasionally with grains. It is dense and durable but can be easily worked by hand and with machine tools and turns, glues and finishes well. It is moderately priced. Maple contrasts strikingly with and is often used in combination with Ebony. This is the preferred Wood of choice for lighter squares on the solid wood game table chess.
  • Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) is also known as Golden Rosewood; it has the typical characteristics of Rosewood but with a rich golden-brown hue. It has a medium-coarse texture and a natural lustre. The grains are usually straight but may sometimes be interlocked. It has excellent resistance to decay and attack and is rated highly durable. Sheesham is a commonly found, moderate-to-high-priced rosewood variant.
  • Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia), which has a dark reddish-brown colour with dark – almost black streaks, which, along with its narrowly interwoven grain, even texture and excellent polishing characteristics, provides a beautiful finish. Rosewood possesses good durability and workability and turns well. Turning and carving blanks are highly priced.
  • Ebony (Diospyros ebenum) is almost jet-black with dark brown or greyish-brown streaks. It has a fine even texture with an almost metallic sheen and barely visible, straight or interlocked grains. Rated and highly durable, it is almost entirely resistant to termite and other insect attacks. Given its extremely high density and hardness, it is challenging to work with, calling for the highest levels of craftsmanship. Ebony is among the more exotic and expensive woods used only in luxury Chess sets. Also Read This Blog : Best Easterbrook 4 Drawer Accent Chest


Many Chess sets may include two different varieties of wood combinations. Darker-coloured combinations for the darker-coloured pieces and squares on the board, respectively, and lighter-coloured combinations for the lighter-coloured pieces and enclosures on the board, respectively. 

This article has already mentioned the various types of Wood required making the game table chess attractive. 

By Russell Crowe

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