William Petrify on Why He Took a Job Avoiding His Father at Interactive Brokers

William Petrify spent his career avoiding working for his billionaire father at Interactive Brokers. For the past few years, he’s been living a nomadic lifestyle traveling the world and writing about his adventures. In this blog post, Petrify shares why he took a job with a small brokerage firm in order to avoid working for his dad.

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William Petrify’s Career History

William Petrify is a senior quantitative trader at Interactive Brokers. He has been with the company for over four years, and prior to that he worked as a research analyst at Citadel Investment Group. Petrifies career history reflects his desire to avoid his father, who is a financial advisor.

Petrify grew up in a household where his father was the financial advisor. His mother worked part-time as a secretary. William wanted nothing to do with being like his father, so he pursued a career in quantitative trading. Forex Signals Telegram

“I grew up hating my dad,” Petrify says. “He’s this drillmaster-type guy who loves to barbecue and golf and play tennis… I just wanted nothing to do with what he did.”


“I had this thing about numbers,” Petrify says. “Mathematically I was pretty good, and I thought it would be interesting to use that ability for something more meaningful than just solving math problems.”

Petrify’s decision paid off: In 2012, he was promoted from research analyst to senior quantitative trader at Interactive Brokers. He credits his success in the industry to hard work, dedication, and an unwillingness to be beholden to anyone else but himself

Why He Took a Job at Interactive Brokers

William Petrify took a job at Interactive Brokers to avoid his father. William’s father is a successful trader and he wants his son to follow in his footsteps. William doesn’t want to be like his father, so he decided to take a job at Interactive Brokers.

William says that the reason he took the job is because it offered good pay and benefits. He also likes the company culture and the people he works with. He says that the hardest part of his job is keeping up with the fast-paced trading environment.

What He Expects from the Job

William Petrify is a recent college graduate who decided to take a job at Interactive Brokers in order to avoid working for his father. Petrify says that he didn’t want the pressure of inheriting his father’s company, and felt that this was the best way to go.

Petrify says that one of the biggest benefits of working for his father’s company would have been the opportunity to learn from him, but he feels that this wasn’t really an option anymore. He admits that there are some aspects of his job (like dealing with customers) which are similar to what he would have done if he had stayed with his father, but overall he feels that obtaining his own job is better for him.

The Challenges of Work Avoiding His Father

William Petrify, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has worked for two years at Interactive Brokers, an online brokerage firm.

“I’ve always felt kind of out of place,” Petrify said. “My dad is the one who originally recommended I go work for Interactive Brokers, so it feels like he’s indirectly responsible for my current situation.”

Petrify said that his father is a successful financial advisor and investor. He never wanted anything to do with William’s career choice, but he was happy to give his son some advice about finding a good job. In fact, Petrify said that his relationship with his dad is now mostly ceremonial: they’ll talk on the phone once or twice a year and their interactions are usually limited to small talk about mutual friends and family members.

But even though Petrify’s relationship with his father is strained, he still respects him as an intelligent and successful man. And he doesn’t want to let down his old man by failing at his own career. So instead of trying to make friends at work or fit in with the other employees, Petrify sticks to himself and avoids any conversations that could lead him into uncomfortable territory.

“It’s not easy, but I’m stubborn enough that I’ve managed to keep my head down

The Rewards of Working for Himself

When William Petrify was just out of college, he made the decision to take a job avoiding his father at Interactive Brokers. Now, five years and many successful trades later, he’s ready to share his story with others who may be struggling with similar decisions.

While working for himself can be risky, rewarding, and empowering, it comes with its own set of challenges and setbacks. Here are four reasons why William chose this route:

1. Independence

Working for yourself is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. It gives you complete control over your work and life, which is something that cannot be found in many other jobs. This sense of independence fuels your motivation to succeed, which is invaluable when working on your own.

2. Responsibility

As an entrepreneur, you are always responsible for your actions and results. If you mess up – no one will bail you out but yourself. This level of responsibility is daunting at first but ultimately very liberating. In fact, it’s what led William to become a successful trader in the first place!

3. Flexibility

Having a flexible work schedule is a major perk of self-employment. You can work from anywhere in the world and set your hours according to your own needs and preferences. This allows you to focus on your business rather than having someone else dictate when and where you work.

4. Control over Your Life/Status quo Change


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