3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Getting Hanging Pictures Aligned Exactly

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Getting Hanging Pictures Aligned Exactly

If you’re planning on hanging some pictures, you might be thinking about aligning the frames in a perfectly straight line on your wall. Before you do, though, consider these three reasons why that might not be the best idea after all.

Diagonal Patterns are More Interesting

When you hang pictures with a diagonal layout, they will seem to be arranged almost effortlessly. This can add visual interest to your walls that can’t be created through a vertical or horizontal arrangement. These arrangements are often more balanced and less intimidating as well, so they can make small spaces appear larger than before. Just remember to leave enough space between each picture for people to walk by without touching them. It is also important not to overcrowd your frames; try hanging three or four in a group instead of just one or two for better results. If you have trouble choosing which frame goes where, simply let go of any preconceived notions about how you want things to look—sometimes art doesn’t need an explanation! If there is no clear place for a certain photo, it might mean that it isn’t quite right for your collection yet. Keep adding until everything feels balanced and harmonious—and don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way!

Even Numbers Look Unnatural

If you hang two paintings right next to each other, it’s going to look a little strange. Or if you have three or more pictures hung in a row—evenly spaced out—it’s going to look kind of awkward. And when it comes to grouping, odd numbers are always preferable. Odd numbers automatically create visual balance, so don’t be afraid to stack up all of your beautiful art and display them in different heights and angles. It will only make your room feel more dynamic. Just try not to get too carried away with stacking. There is such thing as too much variety!

Don’t Overthink

If you’re trying to hang a picture, or group of pictures, it might seem like there’s a right way and a wrong way. The truth is that both ways are great—it all depends on what look you’re going for. In fact, one of our favorite interior design tips is to not overly consider how your pictures will be hung in relation to other pieces of art. It’s important to think about scale and proportion, but don’t get too caught up with rules. As long as everything looks balanced and proportional, you can go ahead and hang those frames however you want!

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