Tandem Trailers

Trailers are perfect for hauling light and heavy cargo loads using your existing vehicle. You may wish to buy a new trailer or a used one if you find that you are in a line of business where you need to haul cargo. You may be an individual and you may want to buy a trailer to haul your household goods when you relocate. In either case a single axle trailer is more than enough for light loads, but if the load is heavy then a tandem trailer is the one to choose.

Tandem trailer defined 

The term tandem trailer may be confusing because it can be interpreted to mean two trailers joined or attached to one another and towed by a vehicle. In trade terms, tandem trailer could mean a trailer that has two axles instead of a single axle. They are known as tandem because there are two axles, one behind the other and the spring leaf is connected to distribute load and absorb shock in a tandem manner. There are few instances when people attach one trailer behind the other whereas using a heavy-duty twin axle trailer or tandem trailer is more common. One may safely refer to tandem trailer as referring to a unit that has two axles.

Why pick tandem trailers?

Single trailer is cheaper and easy to manoeuver. However, it also tends to bounce more and it is risky to drive this at a higher speed. It can also take only a limited load. This is why, when you wish to buy a trailer for heavy duty use, it is always better to pick one from the many tandem trailers for sale, new or used. There are several advantages and only a few drawbacks.


Tandem Trailers
Tandem Trailers
  • Tandem trailers, due to the twin wheel construction, tend to travel in a straight line and they will not yaw as single trailers tend to do.
  • Tandem trailers can carry higher loads and do so safely.
  • This type of trailer can be towed at higher speeds due to inherent stability offered by two axles and four wheels.
  • Tandem trailers absorb shocks easily and keep cargo secure. If you are moving fragile goods then this is the undisputed choice.
  • Tandem trailers will last for a longer time and will take considerable loads without falling apart.
  • Once you are done with it you can offer tandem trailer for sale and you are sure to get a better price.
  • The disadvantages are few. They can be difficult to reverse and turn since the turning radius required is larger than it is for single trailers.
  • They can be heavy and will impose an extra load on the vehicle leading to higher fuel consumption.
  • Maintenance, by way of replacing tyres, is always going to be expensive. Other than that, there is not much maintenance to undertake on a tandem trailer.
  • Tandem trailers are expensive.
  • Load must be distributed evenly to prevent uneven wear and tear in the tyres.

If you do need a trailer, then you can buy a brand new tandem trailer or save money by buying used tandem trailers Other than the tyres and bearings, there is little to replace to keep in functional. You do have plenty of choices such as wooden box type tandem trailers, wire cage trailers and flat trailers. If you wish to buy a used one, check the frame for cracks or deformations or weld cracks. Avoid used tandem trailers with these defects. It may be better to buy a new, fully guaranteed unit. You can always sell it at a good price.

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