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Anklets are the best ornaments that you can wear on your feet to enhance your personality and to match with your outfit. In the West, the anklet’s only symbolism is that it is a trendy piece of jewelry. Still, in India, where anklets have been worn for centuries, the anklet is a significant cultural emblem. 


In Indian culture, anklets are a fundamental component of women’s decoration. They have substantial spiritual and societal importance and are known as “payal.” Indian anklets have a significant significance, to the point where they are imitated worldwide, even though they may also be found in other ancient societies from Egypt and the Middle East.


In this blog, we will discuss why you should wear this Jewelry & Watches and are there any specific reason for wearing it? Given below are the reasons for wearing silver anklets in your feet:

  1. Reduces Leg Pain

Wearing anklets can be beneficial if you frequently have leg pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness. It is time to take precautions if the lower back discomfort radiates through the buttock and down to the sciatic nerve. Anklets made of silver can relieve symptoms and give you much energizing energy.

  1. Provide Instant Relief To Your Swelling Heels

Swollen heels are a common issue for women, negatively impacting their everyday activities and employment. However, wearing anklets can help to solve these issues.


Yes, you read that correctly. Silver anklets control blood flow, which aids in organically treating swollen heels.

  1. Boost Your Immunity

When you wear them, these lovely accessories decorate your feet and have several health advantages. Wearing silver anklets will activate the lymph glands in the body to increase immunity and make a musical sound. They, therefore, go beyond being just accessories.

  1. Energy Healers

Silver anklets are a lovely piece of jewelry to wear and have a scientific value. The energy isn’t lost and is re-vibrated back to the wearer’s body again, which is the scientific justification for wearing them. Wearing them is, therefore, the finest way to stay energized and divine.

  1. Removes Negativity in House

Anklets are worn, and their pleasant musical melody fills the home with positivity and purity. It is believed that gods and angels are drawn to homes where women wear anklets and fill them with blessings and kindness.

  1. Savior To All Problems

Aside from entrancing the feet, anklets are the largest lifesaver for women. Gynecological illnesses, infertility, hormone imbalances, and obstetric issues can all be cured by wearing them. Wear them to celebrate your feminism and live each day to the fullest.

  1. Striking Conversation With Husband

In India, young women who were not yet married frequently wore anklets. When walking, anklets with tiny bells that generate a unique noise are occasionally worn by single ladies to bring attention to their legs and feet. Such an excellent method to start a discussion and meet a husband!


In India, payals are seen as traditional and a lucky present for a new bride. A classic popular gift for newlyweds is a payal intricately carved or adorned with meenakari (painting and ornamenting the surface of metals). These anklets frequently tinkle as the new bride enters her husband’s home, signaling her presence. Sometimes the bride will even place a ring with a connecting piece on her middle toe to symbolize her marriage. Get your own customized and personalized anklets from sites like Shopify

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