Want to improve the functionality of your outdoor space? Outdoor spaces are the first port to call- whether you have come back home after a long and stressful day at work or if you wish to feel the evening breeze on your skin. It’s time to elevate the beauty and utilize the space available in your backyard by adding Koi ponds waterfalls to it.

The sight of still and calm water is relaxing per se, and when you choose to add Koi fish into it, it can take its tranquillity a notch up. Koi are ornamental Japanese fishes. They’re kept in ponds to elevate their elegance and decoration. Koi come in an array of patterns and colors- right from yellow, red, orange, blues, and silver, to varying hues.

Most homeowners have a weak spot for the flawless beauty of Koi and their soothing movements. Taking care of your Koi and observing their movements when they swim is considered a mind-relaxing technique. What are you waiting for include a Koi pond within the yard to make it appear more clean, organized, and peaceful.

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What are the most popular types of Koi ponds? 

Koi ponds are found in different designs and structures; you can choose one as per the available budget, taste or preferences, and outdoor space. If you want to keep it simple, a minimalist Koi pond is your best bet. Whereas homeowners with a dynamic taste can go for additional features such as waterfalls, boulders, or sculptures.

These features can grab the attention of the viewers. Koi require water up to four feet to swim and breathe properly. In the case of a minimal Koi pond, you’ll have to surround it with cement walls that form a rectangular shape. Installing a filtration system will facilitate the process of filtering waste and harmful elements from the water.

The social attributes of the Koi fish will require you to add up to five or more Koi in a single pond- these fish are seen to swim together. However, you should avoid including several Koi in a mini pond. The minimal growth of Koi is up to two to three feet long. To start with Koi pond installation, you can start with the minimalist pond in your garden.

Koi ponds with waterfalls have the edge over the minimalist Koi pond. We all love the idea of visiting places that feature waterfalls for sightseeing or relaxation purposes. You can enjoy the views in your backyard itself. When you choose to add one or two waterfalls to the Koi pond, you can improve its tranquillity factor. Listen to the soothing trickling sound of cascading water and allow yourself to soak in the relaxation of the outdoor space. Install your Koi ponds waterfalls today.

By Russell Crowe

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