custom-made wooding cutting board

What is better than a regular, rectangular cutting block? A custom-made block. As the name suggests, what you want is what you get.

Here Are Some Reasons you Should Get a Custom-Made Chopping Block.


That’s the whole point of a custom-made wooding cutting board. If you are someone with exquisite culinary taste or experience, you would care about your chopping board this much. The material, form, size, and function of the cutting board play a huge role in its performance, durability, and safety.


One of the most crucial factors that makes a great chopping board is the material. While plastics and rubber boards are fantastic, most professionals will tell you that wooden blocks are the best. When you get a custom-made wooden cutting block you can specify what type of wood, and the grain direction and include other specifications like fine detailing, etc.

Size and shape.

The size and shape of your board shouldn’t be trivialized. Everyone has different preferences, and sometimes regular-sized or shaped blocks won’t foster your culinary creativity. You should care about the size and shape because of ergonomics and function.


Pro chefs will tell you that when it comes to chopping boards, one size doesn’t fit all. While using an all-purpose board is fine, if you want better performance, you will be more specific about the board you buy. For instance, if you love to carve meat and don’t want to lose the juices, you should get a carving knife. If you need a board for deboning or cutting raw meat, wood mini butcher blocks are the way to go.

They are stunning.

You can buy a board with no intention to cut food- and this is perfectly fine. Have you seen how beautiful custom-made wooden boards are? You can use them to match your kitchen décor, have a collection and start a blog on custom-made blocks. We can’t dictate what you do with art and wouldn’t judge anyone for buying stunning boards for wall art (Because we do it too).

It is the perfect gift item for a gourmand/chef.

You should not only get a custom board for yourself but someone else. If your friend, mentor, or family member is an aspiring chef/ gourmand, a wooden-custom-made chopping board would be the perfect gift. Giving your friend a board with his initials or favorite quote would be very thoughtful.

You can gift him on his birthday or surprise him on world food day (16th of October, if you were wondering). For more information about Custom-Made Board  just visit our website.

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