If you were asked—what would you get in Dubai?—the answer is most likely to be—what not?—and that speaks of why you can think of moving to Dubai.

Many people from across the world have already made Dubai their home. If you assess the motivator, you will find many factors working together to prompt people to settle in Dubai.

Great salaries, profitable business opportunities, impressive career growth, etc., have attracted many foreigners to stay and work in Dubai.

When it comes to the question of accommodation, there arises no need to become concerned with the possibility of encountering difficulty in getting accommodation, either on rent or for sale, due to the ample availability of properties in the market.

It will help to know that the real estate market is a mature one. And that supplies properties with access to the demand.

Given the latest population break-up in the city, only 15% of the population is emirates. And the rest are foreigners.

There are pros and cons of relocating to Dubai. And you should make a proper assessment before the final say.

Among the benefits, the weather comes into the picture. In Dubai, the weather is great.

The weather remains sunny for eight months. The sky remains clear. And the beautiful sea views give you an amazing sight.

Given the enjoyment, you are likely to remain outdoors to experience the great weather conditions.

Dubai is also known for its lucrative career opportunities.

Many multinational corporations have established their bases in Dubai, entailing immense job opportunities.

The jobs pay high salaries that are comparable with the major destinations in the world. In addition to the high salaries, workers get the privilege of paying no income tax.

Yes, you heard it right—there is no practice of paying any income taxes in Dubai. The implications are clear—you can save more money by working in Dubai.

There is a wide spectrum of sectors offering various types of employment, from retail to tourism.

There can be no hindrance to educating your children while staying in Dubai.

There are excellent schools that offer world-class education. The standard of education is at par with schools in advanced economies. Many schools offer the British curriculum.

In addition, there are world-class colleges and universities in Dubai. Also, Dubai is known for many world-class engineering and medical schools.

Staying in Dubai means getting the opportunity to enjoy a great social life. The exceptional social life also drags people to the city every year.

Many people join a beach club to enjoy their free time when they are not working.

In addition, there are many sports clubs in Dubai. And the clubs offer remarkable opportunities to play different games.

There seems to be no end to the entertainment options in the city. Many bars, restaurants, and cinema halls provide options for enjoyment one after the other.

Moreover, the food is great. There are diverse cuisines to try out in the city. Easy accessibility is what makes going to and from Dubai a convenient affair.

With a world-class international airport, operating regular flights from almost all the countries of the world, one can easily reach Dubai. There is no language barrier despite the official language being Arabic.

English is a predominant language spoken by people in Dubai. So, communication is not a problem for international people in Dubai.

Properties for Sale in Dubai

There are many properties for sale in Dubai. You should consider your needs and budget to finalize one.

Studios are the most popular among buyers. And they come with 1 bathroom and around 359 square feet of floor space.

Next comes the one-bedroom apartments, which are also the most popular among foreign buyers. Most such apartments come with two bathrooms and 785 square feet of floor space.

Two-bedroom apartments are popular for buyers will mid-sized families. Such units come with three bathrooms and 1,636 square feet of floor space.

For larger families, three-bedroom apartments are ideal for accommodating their growing families. A three-bedroom apartment has three bathrooms and 1,489 square feet of floor space. And a four-bedroom apartment comes with four bathrooms and 2,421 square feet of floor space.


Relocating to Dubai can be an excellent idea, given the amazing lifestyle out there. But, you should also consider buying or renting a property for your family.

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