Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in India, mothers are compared to goddesses, and indeed so, as they live a life that is the perfect epitome of sacrifice and giving. Whenever she does someone in her life, there is always something for her children or her family. There is nothing in the world that can make a mother distant from her child. Until her last breath on this planet, she works towards making her child’s life a happy and cheerful one. There is so much more to her than just being a housewife or a homemaker, and she can be an independent and strong woman if she wants to. A single mother, for instance, will do whatever it takes to make sure her children are provided with the best education and a safe life out there.

Mother’s Day:

On this mother’s day, our mother’s need to be reminded that we value and respect all her efforts that she puts in selflessly towards the family. You can send flowers online to her or maybe her favourite gift to make this Mother’s day unique and memorable. There are so many fun things that you can opt for, such as you can give her breakfast in bed or go on a trip with the family to her favourite destinations. But have you ever thought about what makes this woman the most special one in our life? Let’s list down a few reasons that make our mom the best of all.

Our Friend:

She is the best friends that we can have in our lives. She is genuinely there at all times, to give us a shoulder as we cry, to guide us through our important life decisions. She motivates us and keeps us going towards the right path. Just like our friends, we can share all our secrets with our moms without the fear of getting judged. She is the friend we all need.


A mother teaches so much to her child as he/she grows up. She teaches us how to tackle certain situations, always be nice to others, behave in a particular situation, and so on. All these morals and values help us not only in our childhood but also at all the fronts of our lives, including our jobs. She tries her best to make us the best versions of ourselves throughout our lives. These values also form the base of what we teach our future generations.

Amazing Food:

As we grow up and move away from our families, we understand the value of a home-cooked meal at that particular time. No restaurant or chef can beat our mom’s food, don’t you think? She puts all her heart and soul to make the perfect food for us. Our mother’s love it when we appreciate her cooking, and so, one of the reasons our mom stands out is the fantastic dishes she cooks for us.


No matter what the world tells us, our mothers always believe in us. For her, we can cross oceans and break mountains. She is such a powerful supporting system for us throughout our lives. She keeps us motivated to take up new challenges and go after our dreams and turn them into the perfect reality. A failed test or an interview, we usually run to our moms to get the support we truly want, and it shows us what she means to us and our life.

Her Love and Pampering:

It is said that nothing is as pure and excellent as a mother’s love towards her child. She will legit do anything to make her child smile and to give all the luxuries to them. This love is one of the reasons why she means so much to us. Her devotion towards her child is unaltered. Love is a great emotion that is the base of all the relationships in this world, and a mother’s love always stands out to be the best of all.

Our Life:

Our existence and our life are all credited to our moms. They bear us for nine months in her womb. She gives birth to us by painfully going through this process. This is the biggest thing that we can never thank her enough for.

Our moms dedicate their lives to be the best versions of themselves for our family and us. She loves every member of her family just equally and does everything for us. Her love towards her children cannot be compared to anything in this world as it is so pure and extensively beautiful. Sending gifts to India even when you are seas apart from her can genuinely make her happy. Mother’s deserve all the happiness in this world, so make sure you give her that.

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